1. cactikid

    Wifi issue

    At work our borrowed internet has had issues not connecting,rebooted everything,work was been carried out but since then no internet.I believe one can use mobile phone to tether to laptop when close by but never tried or done it so looking for advise for connection for phone to laptop cheers.
  2. P


    Desperate for some help here, I have a toshiba satellite c50d-B-120, and I cannot get past the hdd password. I have been through all the posts on here and just about everywhere else on the net, and cannot find the answer. I followed all instructions to pipe the supervisor password and such, but...
  3. S

    WiFi not turning on

    hi I’m trying to resolve an issue my father in law is having with his laptop. His WiFi won’t turn on to find any wireless networks. Can anyone help. His got windows 10 installed Please see pic of make and model number. Thanks
  4. djsx

    been hacked on my laptop

    hi guys think ive been hacked on my external HD my photos are blocked with this [[email protected] all my photos and music say that HRM files how can I unlock this with a software maybe its a HRM FILE also says DECRYPT_INFORMATION then when I click on that I get HERMES 2.1 RANSOMWARE...
  5. adamrt

    Touch Screen Has Stopped Working

    Hi, I have a Latitude 3540 and the touch screen has stopped working, anyone know how to sort this?
  6. celticfc

    i reboot the laptop it shuts down

    Hi i have a dell latitude E6510 and every time i reboot the laptop it shuts down and wont reboot ,i have to press power button to start up again . i have tried the power options but still the same , does anyone have any ideas please ps running win7 64bit never had this prob. before thanx again
  7. A

    Help!!! Is this a good gaming laptop? ASUS ROG Strix

    Hi All, I am looking at buying a gaming laptop but was looking to buy second hand to get a better deal. Please can you advise if the laptop below is good and if it is worth £900 if I bid? Or can you advise me of an alternative. Mainly going to play, COD, FIFA, Battlefields...
  8. cactikid

    page jumping when mouse is used?

    probably forgot how to stop page scrolling on w7 laptop using the inbuilt mouse as when i try to move pointer page moves:D
  9. B

    DLL Injector

    Don't supposed anybody knows of a decent DLL injector that works? and if you could link it to me would be much appreciated.
  10. A

    Buying a new laptop - is this a good offer?

    Hi All, I am currently looking for a new laptop with HD screen and preferably a touch screen, I have found the below on ebay and am willing to pay around £400, is that a good deal or is there anything else on the market...
  11. steptoe

    Windows 7 SOLVED - Ubuntu on AMD A9 9410

    I'm having lots of issues trying to get Ubuntu 16.04 to run on a Lenovo V110-15AST AMD A9 9410 R5 cpu googling seems to throw up a Radeon driver issue, anyone know where I can get this driver.?
  12. P

    Torrents and music

    been out of the game on the downloading scene for a while. But does anyone know any good torrent sites for music or films? And does vuze and the likes still work? My laptop picked up a few stds I think along the way a while back and lost all that.
  13. W

    Hewlett Packard, a plague a all your products ...

    I made the mistake of buying an HP laptop, more specifically an HP Envy notebook. Looks nice, comes with Bang & Olufson speakers built in, happy days right? Oh there is just that small issue of the fact it has to be plugged in for the internet to work. I always thought a pre-requisite of a...