1. KGH0210

    sky 500mb broadband - currently using a simple tp powerline adapter but thinking of upgrading too eero advice needed

    currently have 500mb from sky with their own router. i would powerline adapters but they are pretty old and im not getting a good speed. anyone got any advice, looked at eero but seems they can be a hassle with sky ( seems others routers are as well) anyone got any advice ?
  2. P

    New firestick user looking for help

    Hello I bought a firestick and it arrived today,I am looking for assistance in what I need to do to be able to watch sports and other channels in Ireland,I am a bit lost so any help would be great,thanks!
  3. N

    Help please - Zgemma H11S Satellite TV Receiver

    Hello, completely new to this. I am cancelling my Sky sub. I have a Sky Q box at present and Sky Q dish, I have Vodafone internet and get download speeds on average of 450MBS. I want to get a Zgemma box and have access to all the channels, 3 o clock kick offs movies and box office channels. How...
  4. O

    software update file

    can i get the file to download to update tv
  5. J

    WooshBuild Jedimakerxstream deleting my satellite bouquet

    Hi guys needing a little bit of help here, so I have my sat channels and so my iptv ones on octagon enigma woosh build When I run the jedi maker to make bouquet it deletes my satellite ones, is there a way to prevent this from happening as I would like to use the option for the iptv bouquets to...
  6. christara

    Ebay advice needed

    Hi,a folk Looking for any advice on my situation. I sold an item on ebay and delivery of the item reached the person on the date 23rd of november 2020. (Tracking provided that info?) Now after some time the buyer as posted saying its not working (When I know it was) and filed a refund on the 7...
  7. 8

    Need some help with java

    It is the Java Sliding Tile Puzzle. I have a piece of long code, piece of short code. Need someone to write the sliding puzzle, reset, shuffle etc, theres about 14 steps, then test it / make it work. If anybody knows Java well and could help out id appreciate it :grin:
  8. T

    ZGemma beginner help!

    Hi guys, I have recently bought a ZGemma H.2s box. I have managed to flash wooshbuild onto it. Now I’m wondering how I get the iptv playlist onto my box along with the guide? I have the M3u link from my iptv supplier. I have a flash drive. Also have putty downloaded onto the laptop. can anyone...
  9. W

    Please suggest a Windows password recovery software

    Lost the password on one of my old laptops. Try to reset the password with an USB disk but it only works on the computer which the password reset disk was made. It is Dell XPS 13, Windows 10
  10. T

    Nvidia shield

    Could anyone help me to get full access to the Google store on nvidia shield please
  11. L

    Xc lite vod

    Does any one know if it's possible to search in xc lite when using it for vod , it would be nice to search for a movie or TV show
  12. L

    Newbie help

    So I have a zgemma i55plus I have flashed using ATV and chabs sky skin installed all works a treat but when I hit the epg button on the remote it's not a sky guide , all other mini guides are fine , any ideas Thanks in advance
  13. NKidd_14

    Zgemma h2h help -00- green light

    Hi, sorry I’m new to the game. I got a Zgemma H2H and installed wooshbuild v7 yesterday. Today I’m getting the following error -00- with a green light. Can someone help please? (Sorry if this is an easy fix or if it’s already answered, trying to get used to the site)
  14. bazcfc1

    Video shop

    Evening all has anyone got a copy of photo shop as my son is after a copy for his college work to do with it and just wondering if anyone had a copy or know where I could get my hands on a copy for him any help and advice greatly appriciated and thank you in advance for replys (if any lol)
  15. ToonSteve

    Windows 7 upgrade laptop

    I currently run windows 7 home on my laptop , its an oldish laptop but works perfectly fine still looks brand new but the memory is poor 2gb ram and 80g hdd i wanna upgrade the HDD too a SSD too make it run faster but how would i know what SSD i would need? the laptops only used for basic...
  16. S

    Trouble getting IPTV to play through 4G using a 4G Router

    Hi, I bought a 4g router to play the zgemma through, as i live in an area with terrible internet (sub 2mbps). The IPTV will try to play through Broadband fine, but when the zgemma is connected to the LTE router it just refuses. A laptop connected to the 4G Router can play the IPTV using VLC...
  17. Cortina

    How to set up iptv on zgemma h2s

    Hi, would anyone have any advice on setting up iptv on a zgemma h2s so I can use any supplier of my choice, I lost all the Sat-sly channels some time back and was told I cant get them back on a H2s in Ireland via satilite , I then used the "AddIPTV plugin " for iptv, on the H2s with wooshbuild...
  18. 5

    Storage space help

    I have a Asus E203N notebook. It only has 32Gb storage so most of the installation takes that up. I have an 200Gb micro sd card to save everything on. What I need and am struggling to do is make everything save on that, and I mean everything that I can. The notebook is running too slow and I...
  19. rpidemon

    5.1 Surround advice

    *Not sure if this thread is in the right section so admins please move if not* I have just purchased a Yamaha 5.1 surround sound with speakers from everybody's favourite auction site, I have been after one for a while for the cinema/footy in the pub feel. I understand the setup 2 in front 2...
  20. Armpit1UK

    Technomate TM2T OpenAtv 6.2

    Evening all, I've managed to flash and set up OpenAtv on my TM2T and it's 99.9% there but there are a few niggles I want to sort out asap. I’ve mounted both my external USB HDD for recordings and also a USB stick for a swapfile.The swapfile is set to autostart but it seems to forget when the...