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were are a hundred days old today, thank you HiTeck for the wonderful job you have done bringing this site to life. long may it continue. keep up all the good work H, AND THE MODERATORS, you all do a cracking job.


i didnt realise this was a new forum. jeeso some peeps have done a lot of posting in 100 days.

:willy nilly:


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Cheers H. Great job done by all these past 100 days.....much better than a few world leaders I will say!!


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Cheers Dee for starting this thread as he does deserve props for all that he has done here.

Excellent work HiTeck (y)


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Yes H you do deserve all the thanks giving, a great site and a credit to you, well done ;)


well what else can i say but agree with everyone. Thanks so much HT for sorting things out and getting this place, now there is no stopping you. Site is growing stronger each day with more members.

What an achievement is just 100 days! If it were not for other places this site would not be here .! you ROCK!
I know how much hard work etc you have put into this baby and long may it continue!!


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its great to see alot of people coming here for help too and that we can all give a hand in solving our little problems with the site still being so young!
great site full a great people!


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I think most of what needs to be said has been said above, but just in case....
THANKS HITECK well done for only 100 days work, you and all the mods have created a little family that likes to help each other out, be it through a little laughter, sharing recipes, opinions, knowledge on all things hi-tec.
again from all of us...........THANKS AND CONGRATULATIONS


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Cheers to HiTeck for 100 days--and countless hours-- of hard work to make this site what it is today!

Looking forward to 100 more.

Thanks for all the hard work you put in here sir! (y)


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lets hope its years, i love the new family this site has brought me. lol onwards and upwards.


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I echo all the above sentiments and want to mention all the members too.

We wouldn't be anywhere near as successful without all of you people.

Well done to you too (y)



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This is a great site and all the hard work you've put into it really shows.
Well done Mate :)