1. Prim@l

    (2-Pack) 300Mbps Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System - £16.99

    Mercusys Halo S3(2-Pack) 300Mbps Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (Wi-Fi Router/Extender/Booster for Seamless Network, up to 2,200 sq feet Coverage, Parental Control, Easy Set Up)...
  2. Prim@l

    HUAWEI Mobile Wifi E5573B Unlock code?

    Hi, I have a Mi-Fi dongle locked to 02 and would like to unlock it. Does anyone have a code generator that can send me the code if I send the full IMEI, info, etc please? I've checked on google - plenty info related to 'free unlock' but thats all guides - you still need a code. Not a member of...
  3. J

    Pulling My Hair OUT

    Hi folks, I’m looking for some real sound advice as I am losing the will to live, I have recently sold my house to live in a lodge which is on a 12 month holiday site. The internet situation is a ballache, the internet the site provides is criminal with speeds of 1mb at peak times! Watching IPTV...
  4. noddyrams

    Home WiFi and network

    Morning all, after some help and advice please on my home network. So currently my main router is plugged in to my house phone master socket which is in the halfway.... I Ihen have a powerline adapter from there to my living room at the back of my TV which I have a 5 port switch plugged in...
  5. J

    ET 8000 HD A few questions

    I have a few questions that i am hoping you guys can answer. So i purchased an xtrend 8000 receiver for my parents room to have some light viewing. The issue is that the ethernet cable that was going to provide the internet to the receiver is now going to be used for my new virgin media HUB to...
  6. G

    home plugs/ wi fi

    hi all, i have vm and 100mb in the room where the hub is i get the full whack on phone or laptop via wi fi, upstairs there is 2 pc's mine if plug home plug direct to pc get a max 29 if i plug it into a router i get a max 30mb. my sons pc in next bedroom gets 60mb via wifi, and my pc is a more...
  7. basejumper

    Network WiFi analyzer - Vistumbler V10.6.5

    I have uploaded the actual Vistumbler resources in zip files as the link I provided is dead. This is the current version V10.6.5 updated 28/6/19. This is a snip of Vistumbler scanning the WiFi feed of my hub EE-Hub-5peR to a new powerful PC using the standard version. The data given is shocking...
  8. Chess010

    Whole house wifi

    Can anyone recommend best way to ensure gaining solid wifi signal throughout 4 bedroom house such that do not get dropping out of signal. am getting family grief from this happening despite various extenders setup throughout house. should I get new router or modem? If so recommended makes and...
  9. basejumper

    Wi-Fi analyzer for your mobile phone or tablet 2019-12-01

    Wifi Analyzer is a handy tool which helps you to select a better channel for your wireless router. It turns you android phone into a handy Wi-Fi analyzer! Latest version Nov 2019
  10. E

    Which Ubiquiti Should I Get?

    I have a friend who needs to improve his WiFi signal from the modem. The modem is in a shop downstairs and is connected to the till, etc... So it can't be moved. The shop modem has a speed of 70mb. My friend is only getting 9 mb from that modem upstairs wirelessly. A friend told him that there...
  11. W

    WiFi issues help!

    Hi I hope that someone may be able to help. I'm having trouble with my WiFi set up where on any device connected to WiFi freezes, doesn't load images gets stuck etc until a speed test is run, this seems to clear the line and it starts working again for a short while then a speed test is needed...
  12. P

    Wooshbuild & connecting to preferred wireless network

    Hi all, I am running a Zgemma H2S using wooshbuild. At home I have my ISP-issue router and then I have a netgear r7000 running off that. ALL of my devices connect to the R7000. I disable WiFi on the ISP-issue router so that it is the only option to connect. In setting my Zgemma up I had no...
  13. D

    WiFi with ethernet port

    Is there a bigger than 1gigabit ethernet port on a WiFi extender on the market?
  14. JtSinghsation

    Please help with TP-Link Archer T2U v2 wireless USB adapter

    Think i'm asking this in the right section. Apologies if I ain't. I've tried to install the TP-Link Archer T2U (v2) wireless adapter onto my Zgemma H.2S but I can't seem to get it working. I've followed advice given on different forums. The problem I'm having is the chipset is the MediaTek...
  15. S

    WiFi not turning on

    hi I’m trying to resolve an issue my father in law is having with his laptop. His WiFi won’t turn on to find any wireless networks. Can anyone help. His got windows 10 installed Please see pic of make and model number. Thanks
  16. W

    Android Box Losing Connection

    Hiya boys, got a bit of a predicament I’ve got a T95ZPlus box and after about 20 mins everything cuts out .... as in the box is rendered useless would this be a faulty box or an internet problem? The box is run through a power link adapter also. Cheers.
  17. C

    TP-LINK Wifi adapter issues

    I have recently bought a TP-Link WiFi USB Adapter. The model is TL-WN823N V2 The usb has a WPS button on it and I can’t for the life of me get it recognised on my Zgemma box to then connect to WiFi. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  18. stuss

    New router

    Talk Talk contacted the significant other Saturday morning.. Caron humoured talk talk .. The advisor offered a new router. Sagemcom 5364 Price over 18 months. £20.00 no increase free postage It arrived this evening courtesy of a neighbour.. Plugged it in. connected to her phone via wifi...
  19. thebulls

    best wifi dongle for a zgemma h2h

    Hi Guys Help please whats the best wifi dongle for a zgemma h2h Thanks in advance
  20. thebulls

    Zgemma h2h wifi problem

    Hi Guys my zgemma h2h was working perfect on wifi but now it wont pick it up unless its right next to the router which is no good as its for upstairs any ideas would great, its on VM running on open vix Thanks in advance