IPTV lagging using suls


Hi, I have a zgemma h9 twin running openatv 6.4 wooshbuild infinity, I have used suls to add the channels as bouquets.

I keep having to go up and down channel when the stream begins to lag.

I changed the type to 5002 in the suls plugin and then installed serviceapp and changed It to exteplayer3 but this made the problem worse.

any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks


Not sure aint used suls in years I use jedimaker and normal stream type for live is DVB (1) or 4097 for VOD then if service app installed you can also use 5001 gstplayer or 5002 exteplayer3.


Unlikey it suls, as it a suls is a bouquets maker are you using homeplug if you are turn off regular for 1 min to refresh .