IPTV Server Request Thread Jan, Feb, Mar 2017

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Rules for this thread -

Check the Rogues gallery thread as well !!

    • Post what you require, be it a Football only, Movies only, or all channels servers.
    • State if you require region specific servers
    • State what type of device you want it for - mag box, enigma 2, android box (KODI or Via IPTV App.)
    • State if it is for smart IPTV for apps on TV
    • You can request information in this thread to be given via pm (private Message) only.
    • Do not discuss ANYTHING in this thread - it is a REQUEST thread only SO ASK ONLY.
    • Do not tell members not to discuss anything in here, that's the Moderator's Job.
    • If you have messaged the member click on the PM button under each post - Don't worry guests can't see this!
    • Please report any post that breaks any of these rules.
    • Members that break these rules will be removed from seeing/posting in this thread for any amount of time (maybe permanently) at the Moderators Discretion.
    • If you wish to sell IPTV servers on TechKings, you may answer any request from a member by PM ONLY!!
    • Do not post " PM Sent, Empty your inbox, etc" the only posts are to be requests, nothing else.


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Looking for an IPTV test that has all channels for an Enigma 2 box. Ideally would have a lot of the Spanish channels also. Thanks


Looking for a test for a Mag254

I have two boxes , so looking to buy 2 subscriptions as I don't think they do multi-room

I would like 3pm KO, sport , Vod , Movies , adult etc



Hi Looking for a good IPTV server that will give s l y HD movies & sport and kids channels. I currently use a ZGemma box but no HD s l y on that.



Hi, looking for a sub with full sly and 3pm kick off, ppv etc, Samsung smart TV with smart iptv, my Internet speed is between 3.5 and 4 mbps. Thanks

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Hey. looking for IPTV for my android box mostly for sports. Cheers

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Hi with regards to my previous request my inbox was full so didnt receive any messages regarding iptv subs. All mails deleted now so if anyone can pm bout iptv subs for android it would be much appreciated



Looking for a sub for a mag 250.
Sky Sports,Racing,Uk Channels all the usual.
Would be grateful for a little quick run through how to do as first time I have used these as us to the blade,openbox and skybox but having to use now as now living abroad.
Tester would be brilliant and cost for year.

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