IPTV with Zgemma 2S


Hi all,

I have been running an IPTV setup on my Zgemma 2S. However, I am finding that often many channels dont work. (have spoken to the provider who said all is fine on their side).
Is this due to the box? Will an upgrade help this. I dont want to spend money on a new box if it won't help.

Any advise on what a good setup should look like?

What's the speed of your internet connection? How far are you from the router?

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Get a h2s, there are conflicting reports on the usability of the i55

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The 2s is a slow box but does run iptv quite well I've nothing disabled on mine and don't have no black screen on channels try rebooting box and router
Try a test from a different iptv provider. Also maybe try a different build, I've just put openatv on my h2s and it seems to run iptv much better ipab did.
I have BT Infinity 2 get about 60mb, so I doubt that is the issue. The box is connected to the router directly.
I have followed the suppliers build instructions so I thought those would be optimal. Resetting both router and box doesn't seem to help.

@bazcfc1 what build are you using?
I've found, like mentioned above, the openatv image is best for iptv...

That's even with boxes that have 1.3ghz or 1.6ghz processors...