zgemma 2s

  1. D

    i have a zgemma 2 box. Are all the channels still off or can someone supply me with some?

    Hi I used to subscribe to a good range of sly channels through the Zgemma star 2 box but then all the channels stopped working when they were scrambled. are these boxes any good still? could someone recommend a good tv channel provider i could sign up to for them? cheers
  2. MrThing

    Wooshbuild Link not working

    Hi all, Need to download Wooshbuild infinity but the DL link on this page (says it will take you to an external site) doesn't work. The correct DL link is probably right in front of my face but I can' see it, can someone help please...
  3. D

    Zgemma - star 2s

    Im after some help i am try to use xtream editor however the barcode doesn't appear to get the subscription. i have been told that it might be because the image i am using Wooshbuild 2s is to old. what would be the best image to use? has anyone got anything else i can try any help will be...
  4. B

    Autobouquets only finds black channels on virmin

    Using OpenATV 6.1 on ipab 1.3.6 with the Zgemma Star 2S Autobouquets runs populate and finds 400 channels but they are all black. ipab1 by bignellrp posted Dec 5, 2017 at 10:25 AM If you use the manual service scan the channels are found and they work. ipab2 by bignellrp posted Dec 5, 2017...
  5. A

    Zgemma H.2H

    Morning all I hope you are well. When I first joined techkings some time ago, I started using the original VSkin HD. When restarting the box it always has a message “Your Zgemma H.2H is restarting”.... Originally I found the file, edited it and removed the writing, from there made a splash...
  6. A


    Morning All Hope I'm finding you well? Just a quick thing on picons for VM Is anyone having trouble with picons in that they aren't all showing on Zgemma H.2H? I have the picon packs, all was working perfectly for almost a year but I guess as frequencies change the picons disappear. my issue...
  7. renegade3103

    Xtreme Bouquets and EPG

    Hi. I'm using the Xtreme plugin and my supplier has created custom bouquets. I can click a link that they sent and rearrange the order of the bouquets but I also have my Sat dish cable connected and it's generating a lot of other bouquets. I'm trying to use E-Channelizer to create a bouquet...
  8. C


    Hi im aware there is an update to the epgimport extension and that is the reason why my epg is not working. I have tried updating by removing the plugin and downloading it again, but I still see the same epgimport version which is "epgimport (1.0+git134)", I am trying to update it to get the new...
  9. J

    Xtreme Service

    Hi all, I currently have IPTV and use the Xtreme App on a Zgemma box.on. The subscription is coming to an end and the supplier isn't responding anymore. I presume it was a reseller and has stopped their service. My questions is, is there a way to find out who the current server provider as...
  10. C

    IPTV with Zgemma 2S

    Hi all, I have been running an IPTV setup on my Zgemma 2S. However, I am finding that often many channels dont work. (have spoken to the provider who said all is fine on their side). Is this due to the box? Will an upgrade help this. I dont want to spend money on a new box if it won't help...
  11. S

    Eurosport Player Sub not active

    I have a valid, paid for, eurosport player sub I used to have it working on my android device but its no longer popping up Grateful for a heads up on how to get it working on my zgemma 2s if that is posssible I use wooshbuild many thanks in advance regards to all
  12. W

    Ip.tv plugin

    Hi looking for the link to the ip.tv plguing for movies and that on the zgemmas. Had it on a Few boxes but cant find it in the plugin list on my new box. If anyone has a link for the apk file that would be great thanks
  13. R

    What's happened to Vumooch & Yify?

    These haven't worked for about a week on the iptv player plugin. Is it just me or are they down permanently?
  14. Zgemma loop.

    Zgemma loop.

    Stuck on this boot. no idea how to get out anf box wont boot to USB for flash.
  15. J

    Help with Zgemma 2s CLine

    Have installed cam 2.30 on a zgemma 2s box with the Wooshbuild v5. Can see that the cam is active but it has the red circle by it and the cline does not work only see FTA channels Think that it is a problem with the box,have tried Sucmnsee build , prior to Woosh build with same problem. Provider...