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Irish Channels on Zgemma h2s


The ka band lnb I saw were twins, Im in clare and got it with a 68cm triax. are you sure lnb is correct? have you got make and a pic. Check your signal strength on channel 4 hd and I'll compare. I am using openatv. To get saorsat you have to convert the frequency to enter to box. report back

here is the bit

KA-Band LNBs For Sale in Ireland - Suitable for Saorsat Reception

Ok here is a pic to help you. What you do is make the 9east sat your main sat and then pick up 28east with the holder. Its a while since I did it but I tuned in the dish to a FTA channel on 9east use Comedy Channel 14200H 27500 8PSK 2/3 using normal lnb. Then swop lnb.

here is a nice video



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