zgemma h2s

  1. Blizzard17

    WooshBuild Wooshbuild Install 2022

    Afternoon It's been a while since I last dived into the Zgemma H2S was a reliable box for many years.So after giving it a reboot I decided to reinstall the latest version of OpenATV 6.4.. Manged to follow the great walk through for wooshbuild when installing, but have come across a few...
  2. Blizzard17

    Wooshbuild Issues

    Afternoon/Evening I have just reinstalled/Flashed OpenATV (openatv-6.2-zgemmah2s-20190601_usb.zip), all installed correctly no issues (openATV Nightly Downloads) Installed Wooshbuild and followed instructions - WooshBuild Infinity - For ALL Enigma2 boxes Ran script for IPTV using ZOC...
  3. S

    Trouble getting IPTV to play through 4G using a 4G Router

    Hi, I bought a 4g router to play the zgemma through, as i live in an area with terrible internet (sub 2mbps). The IPTV will try to play through Broadband fine, but when the zgemma is connected to the LTE router it just refuses. A laptop connected to the 4G Router can play the IPTV using VLC...
  4. C

    Xtream TV won't update on Zgemma H2S, disable IPV6 instead???

    Hi, I've had a Zgemma H2s box for just over a year now. I moved to a new IPTV provider last month, I've followed all his/her instructions to install Xtream TV onto the box. It won't validate the account and says my provider says it's because Xtream tv needs to update to version 1.4 instead of...
  5. D

    Irish Channels on Zgemma h2s

    Hi guys I am wondering is it possible to get Irish channels on my zgemma box from my satellite dish. I have all the fta English channels and have been messing with my autobouqets to try and get the Irish channels. In the scan I have been able to get the Irish channels but they are just black...
  6. C

    Can't Record IPTV On H2s

    Hey guys So I'm still sussing out this h2s box. My issue now is.. I can record sat channels but not iptv When I try to record iptv the box locks up and I've to reboot from the white button at back. What can I check. Im running openatv 6.2 since my provider updated box but he's at a loss...
  7. H

    Streaming to Kodi from box with IPTV channels

    Hi, I have the Zgemma H2S box, and I want to stream the channels to a Kodi box upstairs with the VU+/enigma2 addon. The box has IPTV channels on it, with a paid subscription. It isn't receiving channels from the satellite receiver. The problem is, the addon scans all the channels and adds them...
  8. steviegard

    Changing from Cline to IPTV.... just a few questions ;)

    Hey folks So, I have a Zgemma H2s and currently run a Cline on it. I have flashed the box myself (Wooshbuild). I am getting the sly channels (whats left of them) and want to jump onto the iptv wagon, if i may. I can take instructions and fairly okay with settings. So before I waste hours of my...
  9. W

    Build for h2s

    hi all, Was wondering if anyone has a good build for the remining sat channels you get on sky. Preferably with a sky skin. Updated to wooshbuild 7 last night but not a massive fan. Like grogs builds but cant see one for the h2s . Much appreciated
  10. B

    Zgemma H2S boot issue 14.09.17

    Hi all, I apologise right now as I'm not tech savvy so please bear with me while I'm trying to explain. Yesterday I tried to update my Zgemma box and now it is stuck in boot with the red light showing. This morning I have downloaded a new base build provided by wooshbuild from the links at...
  11. R

    Zgemma H2S - Wooshbuild 6 - NordVPN setup

    Hi Is it possible to install/setup NordVPN on zgemma H2s (running wooshbuild 6). Any step by step guide. Thanks Regards
  12. Asldot

    Zgemma H2s | IPTV | TFT CARD SLOT

    HI Again, Fellow friends, Not all of us want to record and save or have a bulky HD on the Zgemma and on the box there is a TF slot. When using IPTV I have found it will only work as long as you have a HD, Flash or other device for buffering so that you can watch IPTV. My Questions are...
  13. D

    XstreamTV Zgemma H2S showing Banned please help

    Hi, I bought a 6 months IPTV subscription for Zgemma H2S which was supplied through the Xstreamtv app. This worked great for 16 days and everything I had paid for was there however after 16days my status was showing as banned even though my expiry date is displayed as 13/11/2017. I have not...
  14. Blizzard17

    IPTV Setup

    Good Morning I have been in touch with my supplier who has now got IPTV up and running..All channels and Will also include all sports in HD. Video on demand will be included. Will work on openboxes via webtv and smart devices with smart iptv app. No instructions for zgemma he has told me..So...
  15. D

    Difference between i55 and h2S?

    is there any real difference between these boxes? what makes the i55 better for iptv? they both have the same processors and chipset has anyone tried script method iptv on a i55 if it is superior? also can a mod please create tag for zgemma i55
  16. D

    Difference between i55 and h2S?

    is there any real difference between these boxes? what makes the i55 better for iptv? they both have the same processors and chipset has anyone tried script method iptv on a i55 if it is superior? also can a mod please create tag for zgemma i55
  17. D

    IPTV on Zgemma H2s

    Hi Guys, looking for some help and info on setting up my Zgemma H2s box with IPTV the best and user friendly way and a months trial on a line....thanks
  18. W

    openvix to whooshbuild

    hello, can anyone point me in the right direction. i currently have a z gemma h.2s running openvix. i want to change to whooshbuild keep my line. i want to get iptv and i have been informed that it will not work well on the openvix build. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a...
  19. J

    New broadband provider

    Hi guys I'm switching my broadband provider tomorrow, will this create problems for my sub? Do I need to do anything? Would you advise hiding my zgemma box? I'm not changing satellite or cable just my broadband provider but they will need to come into the house to change the cabling. Any help...
  20. F

    looking at using iptv as well as my sub not sure where to start

    hi hope someone can help I ok with the zgemma box but this ipty bit I am lost so here goes I have a h2s box running wooshbuild v5 I am wanting to get back all the channels I have lost in the same boat as everybody else so looking at going down the road of iptv as well as my sub some my...