Hi Guys,

I just ran AutoBouqetsMaker and I receive the error

Failed to tune Virgin (UK) on tuner B
Please check the following:
The tuner is correctly configured.
You can receive the specified frequency

I have updated the AutoBouqetsMaker config (which says it doesn't need an update), ran a manual scan which finds channels and under last scan I can access those channels, but it includes German/Italy etc.

I have also ran a software/package update

Everything was working fine, (Except BBC1 HD, ITV HD and a few other FTA channels wouldn't clear).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Maybe you are on an old image as abm has had an update in the last few days and the whole bouquet lineup has changed?


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I'm on open atv 6.1. Unsure the build number, but I also did an online update of the image and abm is version 2.9

Stock atv 6.1 setup from scratch on a vu solo 2 se box and ipab on a zgemma h5, both produce the same results