1. coozer

    OTHER VM files in FTP?

    Hi, im sure ive asked this before somewhere but cant find it... After flashing the latest openvix to my Xtrend ET10000 Virgin is back in the providers section and hogging the ALL list with blanks... Where can i find the VM files in Filezilla? Ive had a look round but cant see them or the sky...
  2. Boldguy

    Streaming IPTV with EE supplier? uk

    Good evening can I ask is ee safe to use on OTHER streaming means ee use bt this is why I am asking as virmin and sly. Thank you
  3. stuss

    How lucky we are, Hospital tv a big con

    As the title suggests, I thought Sky, was extortionate, but hospital tv is a different universe, regards pricing. You would think vulnerable people, may get a reduction in price not a chance, £10.00 for 1 game of football .
  4. Dar1437

    Branson heading into orbit at 3:30pm

    Virgin Galactic flight to the edge of space: your questions answered
  5. al dae it pal


    Hi there av got a wee problem where some epg isn't populating . Cable Sub . Here is what av selected in epg importer . Here is a wee picture that might help its more channels than the photo shows . Cheers .
  6. al dae it pal

    Is there a better box for the money ?

    Hi . Am currently using the zgemma H9S 4k box . But want a box with virgin media connections . Budget around £150-£200 Was thinking zgemma H7C or is there a better box ? . Any input welcome cheers .
  7. R

    Alternative for Sly Sports - now ZGemma VM SkySports channels are gone

    Now that Zgemma is gone, I am looking at cost efficient alternatives to get Sky Sports (not iptv cause its awful). One thing I am thinking is getting SkySports mobile subscription on my iPhone for £6 a month which is quite reasonable. However I want to put it on a big screen / or tv to watch the...
  8. S

    Satellite H7s, free to air, cable and IPTV!

    Hi Thanks to all the replies ive had so far and the H7s has been bought. I have vm fibre so now know I can split the signal, so first time vermin attempted! I want to use the sat connections as normal and just have the one cable connection, as I will still use an IPTV sub. I am installing whoosh...
  9. S

    Cable connection?

    I’ve had VM fibre only, for over a year. I’ve just bought a H7s so have a cable tuner, if I connect this up (presumably to the router?) and get a test line will it work? I read a long time ago that unless I had tv in the past the connection won’t be “live”?
  10. W


    Can anybody help me out here I’m running IPTV through my zgemma box, my isp is virgin and I’m using the virgin super hub 3.0. I’ve also got an android box with a nordvpn account on it. Neither of which can connect to my vpn account without cutting out especially when my IPTV supplier has issues...
  11. S


    i have a Zgemma H9t running WB infinity with VM and IPTV subs installed. Everything is working great bar e2iplayer. Every time I load a movie or tv show it runs fine for around 1 min 30 then the sound or the picture speeds up putting them out of sync. I have tried reflashing with just open atv...
  12. muckievillan

    Can't remote view CCTV

    Hi all, I've got a OYN-X cctv system, I no longer have a service contact. I've had a new router and lots all my settings I managed to get it working from home, using ip search on CMS. I’ve searched everywhere on how to configure the settings and I give in On pc were using CMS to view and...
  13. A

    newcamd on tvheadend

    my current setup is a hauppauge solo hd usb tuner connected to my pc (ubuntu) running off a virgin line. I have scanned for channels and found the ones i want. However, i am struggling to decrypt them under the 'CAs' setting. the nline is in the form 'server port username password 01 02 03 04 05...
  14. W

    Lost More Channels

    I know about the sports channels being dark and a few others. However, today my box and 3 friends have all lost BBC 1 HD, ITV HD, E4. Tried to delete and update ABM (currently running 3.1) thinking it was since VM changed the channel numbers. However, that now says it is unable to tune tuner B...
  15. Kerry45

    How do i change channel numbers

    When on epg and all channels tab. I have right numbers like BBC 101 etc. But when I move table across and next one been, Entertainment, the numbers change into thousands and BBC shows as 1029!! Any idea how to change or correct please? Thanks
  16. W

    Issue's With ABM

    Hi Guys, I just ran AutoBouqetsMaker and I receive the error Failed to tune Virgin (UK) on tuner B Please check the following: The tuner is correctly configured. You can receive the specified frequency I have updated the AutoBouqetsMaker config (which says it doesn't need an update), ran a...
  17. Black-Panther

    South Harrow Virgin Net ID?

    Hey guys My h2h box has VM and sky subs running with iPab image. Sky channels work fine but none of the VM channels work (or blank screen but shows signal%). For the net ID, it doesn't show the Harrow one so which others should I use? Any help would be highly appreciated!!
  18. W

    Channels gone

    all ym hd sky and bt sports are black and fta 1-5 are black anyone know whats going on?
  19. dsayers2014

    Using OpenVPN on VM Hub 3

    Has anyone managed to setup OpenVPN on enigma2 on VM 3 router? I have tried several VPN,s and every time I start OpenVPN I loose internet connection on box, I managed to setup OpenVPN on BT years ago on my old Zgemma Star 2s when I was with BT but now im trying with Virgin it fails I loose...
  20. Kerry45

    Channels numbering problem

    Hi. Just put new grog build on and even fox hd got sound now. But channels not right. Ie 103 is itv sd 113 is itv hd How do i fix please Kerry