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Kodi streams

Andy Glynn

Hi im looking for some help all of a sudden I'm not getting many links now all am getting is like 4 when I was getting 40+ and sometimes 100+ I am using unblockr.net and have the latest addons so not sure what's going on.
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depends what addons your using a lot are crap now. Ive revamped my kodi must have tried 40-50 over this past week a lot dont even load up or the download links for the addons dont work. A lot of Rubbish info on add ons on websites and forums, id do your own research.


TK Veteran
I use Neptune Rising and get pages of links, I also use a Real Debrid account to get better quality links as well.

I only use Kodi for Movies and Box Sets, so can't comment on sports add-ons.


i tried neptune rising myslef, it wasnt the best, very slow at loading the categories, and a lot didnt work. one of the best for me was dandy media but thats gone now. Its dificult to get stable and good streams that actually work now on kodi. they are out there but you have to search long and hard for them. A build will add some that work but a lot wont work.