Leicester lockdown tightened


TK Veteran
Have family and friends in the north of the country where lockdown restrictions have now been implemented, yet they are saying nothing has changed.

I do wonder how the local authorities actually intend force the restrictions on to people and what happens if people dont comply.


TK Veteran
I have to agree, I went the bank up town to deposit cash. I had a mask in my pocket but because I had my head up my backside rushing I totally forgot to wear it, not one staff member asked me.

I apologised when I realised but on that who's going to enforce the rules. I have said it all along, it's down to us to follow guidelines. We shouldn't need to be Policed we should be sensible enough to

Keep a distance away from each other,
Don't gather no matter who it is,
Wear a mask in a shop,
Wash your hands regular,

If we followed those rules we might not eradicate it but we will slow its travel for sure.
Biggest threat now ?, kids when they go back school. Thousands of A symptomatic little runts spreading it like wild fire then taking it back home. Kids are excellent carriers as we already know with the classroom germs they bring home.