Loading the Kryptview Firmware


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When you have the loader and the firmware

Switch the box off at the back , Start the Download.
Wait about 3 seconds,
Turn the box back on from the back, It will now start loading.
When download is finished, go to the bottom option.
Choose your provider at the top, N*L etc.
Press the green button on the remote, & wait for the next option.
Choose dublin legacy (for Dublin) etc
Press ok & let the box scan. When its finished, Exit out & go to s*y two.
The box will now update, thats it you`re finished.

Latest firmware is in our downloads http://www.techkings.org/downloads.php

Download : Loader.


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A quick flashing tip - when you have downloaded the firmware and have it on the desktop, connect the box using the correct cable, press download on the box, then and only then plug the Arnet in and it will flash for you ( similar to the bad flash method) saves pressing red buttons, holding the remote sideways and flapping yer arm at the same time, (ok, made the flapping bit up) but ya get the jist.


not getting access to download firmware page but am new to site so maybe someone will give me access now that I have asked for it.

presume using kryptview similar to Eurovox


i dont know if i did anything wrong but i found a few channels missing and had to input manually. Channels like ITV1 (UK) and some sports channels and +1 channels.
So in the end i went thro every channel on my other box and got all the freqs that i didnt have and put them in manually. So if/when i do need to add new firmware they should already be in the system.


If you put the box in standby for a minute Linny the new TP should have been picked up when in power search mode.

Did it not work or have you got the function switched off?


probably have the function switched off, either that or i was impatient lol! Will have to look to see how to put it on. V1 is going to be on freeview permenantly from 20th may so will we need to rejig our boxes to, as i assume they will be changing the frequency or should it update auto


I don't have permission to access the new firmware for the Kryptview from this site - is there some rules about posting a number of times or upgrading my a/c to get permission to download it?



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Yep you have to post to be able to download, you should be fine to download when the server updates within the next 10 mins or so, whilst your waiting why not have a look here ;)


bin file

hi noleyf i cant load the bin on2 my desktop any help wood b great hitting the hay now will catch u 2morrow