Recording Issue Miraclebox Micro


Wondering if anyone can help. Only been at this since earlier in the year and used Bees set up guide to originally set up a miracle box micro (openvix) with an external hard drive and line on VM. All working really well then I took the plunge to reflash with the latest Openvix 5.1.

In all honesty was really nervous that I would break something permanently, but after a couple of goes all sorted with watching channels.

Issue I am now having is that I cant view any recording of premium channels using the timer. I can record FTA and so assume its not the HDD. When I try and record premiums I get a blank screen and no audio. The name of the recording and the length are present, but there is a weird countdown that does not resemble the recording length and when it has completed nothing happens.

On inspection of the blank recordings Service & PID there is a blank in the video codec, whereas this is completed on the recordings that do playback.

I guess its a timer issue ?? and I have looked at the timer settings via Filezilla, but that was as far as my very limited skill took me.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks all


So I think I have solved some of recording issue in that whilst recording destination was HDD I think that recordings were storing on the box memory as despite only having one USB connected there was an additional HDD location.

What I am puzzled by now is:

1, Should the box record from a timer when in stand by? It doesn't and needs to be left on, but does select the correct channel
2, If I inadvertently change channel whilst I get the 'no free tuner available message' the recording freezes. Only a problem if someone else in the house doesn't know I am recording. I know its a single tuner, but would be good if it just stopped the channel change, but maintained recording

Neither huge issues, but I am keen to learn.