1. W

    AutoTimer errors - OpenATV 6.3, Wooshbuild, Vu Duo2, Xtream

    Hi all, I'm running OpenATV 6.3 because, like others, i found the EPG wasn't importing correctly in 6.4. Running Wooshbuild Infinity. I have an M3U line configured as an API on Xtream-Editor. Bouquets and EPG import fine and i can surf channels all day long. Time-shift seems to be working...
  2. cactikid

    Recording on modern tv query

    Reading the specs tv has 3 usb ports. USB 3 USB USB Recording Yes USB Video Playback Yes What do users use if wanting to record ,big usb or hdd if any
  3. S

    Recording issues

    Hi I have a Zgemma H7s running whooshbuils infinity. Problem is when trying to record anything in iptv the recording fails or stops after 2-3 minutes. It is only recording and not watching/recording, so there is only one connection at the time. Normal tv recording ok, Have I missed something...
  4. R

    IPTV Recording

    Hi, I'm running openblackhole on my vu+duo2. I am finding exteplayer3 to be very effective, problem being I want to recording iptv. I have read posts saying that it cannot record streams, is there a way I can set the default renderer for recording? I also have a zero box running wooshbuild...
  5. S

    Best reasonaly priced device for recording IPtv

    Im looking for a device that isnt too overpriced that will allow me to record iptv?
  6. Z

    How can I schedule a programme to record?

    I can only manage to record the programme I am watching. I have a USB plugged in and it records to that Is it possible to record more than one programme at a time and schedule a recording for the future. Using a z8 box with my TV online app 2
  7. D

    Advice needed! MagBox vs Zgemma & general questions!

    hi all Firstly apologies if this is posted in the wrong section - covering a couple of subjects so thought it was best in general chat! Im currently using the SmartIPTV app on my LG TV (model: 65SJ810V). App runs perfect but has no EPG (tv guide) and can’t record through it so have decided to...
  8. WombleUK

    ZGemma H9S / Wooshbuild Recording - Please Help!

    Hi, I've recently flashed by zGemma H9S with OpenATV v6.2 and Wooshbuild Infinity. I am using only IPTV via xtream-editor plugin. The installation all went well and everything seems well, until I try to attempt any recording event. I have a USB stick that is initialised and has the movie...
  9. C

    Can't Record IPTV On H2s

    Hey guys So I'm still sussing out this h2s box. My issue now is.. I can record sat channels but not iptv When I try to record iptv the box locks up and I've to reboot from the white button at back. What can I check. Im running openatv 6.2 since my provider updated box but he's at a loss...
  10. P

    No sound on recordings on Openvix Zgemma H2S

    For the last month, the normal audio track on my recordings is not present. If I switch the audio track on the recording to NAR, the sound is there, but obviously with the narration as well. I haven't done anything to the box like changing settings, or flashing it, it just stopped recording the...
  11. L

    Vu+solo2(Wooshb7) recording every channel i zap

    Hi all, 1. somehow every program i browse ends up in my recordings and my storage cant handle it any more. can i disable this unwanted recording somehow. :( 2. Can i bulk delete the recordings ive amassed :( 3. My recordings look like 2 programs overlapping and having a fight with each...
  12. Buckham_uk

    Freesat box

    Looking for freesat box. Must have internal HDD (ideally500gb)
  13. deejayh

    Zgemma H5.2TC - 2 x Recording

    Hi all, My H5.2tc of late has been playing up since I changed my line supplier. I have my sat setup and 2 x VM lines but (on my VM bouquets) when I record a program and try to watch another or record another - the box won't let me! Never happened before....driving me mad Using Wooshbuild 7.02
  14. S

    ET 8000 HD recording issue,

    i have just updated my box to a new image. all seemed fine until i tried to recorded onto my internal hdd. prior to the new image Openvix 5 1 013 Release Et8000. prior to the new image i had no issues at all recording, when i attempt to record now it appears to be recording as normal but...
  15. W

    Box crashing mid playback of a recording

    when i fast forward a recoridng the box seems to crash got a h5.2tc with 500gb running grogs build any ideas?
  16. C

    Create a playlist of recordings?

    Is it possible to create a playlist of recordings instead of manually having to pick the next episode. For instance my wife and I have a backlog of eastenders to get through and would just be easier (lazier) if it could auto play the next episode. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  17. C

    Mag256 recording issue

    Has anyone solved the recording issue on mag256, pls help. It works on freeview channels for 20-30 seconds and stops. Can't record non-freeview channels as it says 'recording this channel is forbidden'. Provider says they don't prevent recording. VERY FRUSTRATING Which other boxes are...
  18. Tractorboy81

    Recording Issue Miraclebox Micro

    Hi Wondering if anyone can help. Only been at this since earlier in the year and used Bees set up guide to originally set up a miracle box micro (openvix) with an external hard drive and line on VM. All working really well then I took the plunge to reflash with the latest Openvix 5.1. In all...
  19. S

    Mag 254 - Custom Firmware Upgrade.

    Hi Everyone, Can someone please help me with the following: I have bought a Mag 254 from eBay. Works perfectly fine and I am with happy with my current sub. However I am unable to record channels to my local hard drive... my iptv supplier mentioned that developers of mag have blocked this...
  20. C

    Timeshift and Recordings

    I keep getting a message about timeshift when I've been watching a channel for a while. Something along the lines of the timeshift isn't big enough and needs to be restarted. I've set the timeshift to 4 hours and also turned off warning messages but they still keep appearing. How do I resolve...