RuYA IPTV & Amiko Alien 2 Problems


RuYA IPTV & Amiko Alien 2 Problems: Hi, I’m a non-techie looking for some technical help in relation to running IPTV on an Amiko Alien 2 tuner (TV box). The Amiko Alien runs on Enigma2 and has a HDMU skin (at least I think it’s called a skin!). I’ve subscribed for the IPTV which runs on an application called RuYa. This application has to be set up on a particular folder on the Amiko Alien. I’ve done this set-up using FileZilla, and the transfer of the files from my PC to the Amiko Alien has gone through successfully. But RuYa IPTV is not appearing on the menu of the Amiko Alien as it should. I’ve tried restarting it and powering it off and on but with no success. The IPTV provider is no help. Can anyone offer a solution, please?