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SF8008 Skin plugin


In need of quality skin for my SF8008 box, skin needs to work with Openvix, looking for something like slysoft?


TK Veteran
yeah finally managed to flash it, turned out issue with usb stick format lol

now struggling to work out how to using putty to transfer IPK skin file to box to install, just looking on forum for putty guide
Putty is simple to use.Need to setup the password on the box.Menu-setup-network. Type in box ip address-click on telnet-click on open-login is root enter-input password enter


Ive managed to get IPK file on to box thanks moshibeth,

But I installed CHabs skin but getting the below error message what do I need to do get it work properly?

IMG_2569.jpg IMG_2570.jpg
sorry a bit novice


TK Veteran
menu\ setup\ usage & interface\ skin settings (this is on openatv)
then select sky new skin then reboot gui.
once you have selected skin you can then use the chabs plugin to change to different types of chabs sky new.