Sky FTA into Virgin UK CustomMix - NO Longer supported

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Not at home right now but defiantly missing music channels that are on fta sky

Ok I have gone through the music channels and added extra channels from 345 on wards press yellow to fetch file and rescan ABM, let me know if I have missed any thanks
Dont know if can post this hete.Updated box and cannot find dsayer custom mix impoeter any more. Also tried reinstalling image and re installed plugin but still not showing in tuner config(openvix)
You maybe stuck. The plugin has been renamed to ABM CustomMix Importer and should be available to download but there has been a few issues so you may get a crash when trying the plugin.

Try to download ABM Custommix importer if it crashes you may need to wait a day for the update to fix.

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Sorry i meant chartshow missing

Do you mean Chart Show TV? I have added it to 361.

If you have issues with ABM CustomMix Importer you can either wait for the plugin to update or go here
copy all the text

FTP \usr\lib\enigma2\python\Plugins\SystemPlugins\AutoBouquetsMaker\custom and open the cable_uk_virgin_CustomMix.xml and past over the text close and save then rescan ABM
BBC ONE Scotland HD on isn't being swapped with Freesat version BBC One ScotHD on my set up

Scottish West HD & 40984

101 is the cable version 108 is the Freeview version

Possibly something I've done but everything else looks right
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