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skyQ Skin V3.000 (New Layout)


Hi chabs. This is a great skin thank you for your hard work.

Question for you. Is there anyway I can set the sky_default.png to say the picons for the channels instead of having the default one every time I change channel being the same single one?

Thanks again mate!!!


good evening
please tell me such a moment
will this skin be adapted to the atv 6.5 image
I have zgemma h9s
Thank you


Great build !! BUT I have a problem maybe just me or a bug

When im in lets say entertainment for example and I want to bring up the Bouquet again normally I would press the TV now doesn't change the screen properly it now mixes with all the existing writing...

See attached any ideas?

ALso how do you get the Large picons??? (get rid of the large sky Q picon) when using the channel selection, followed the instructions chabs gave but I don't think they are for the large picons??
Did you or anyone else manage to find a fix for this??? I am encountering the same issue when on EPG then pressing tv to get the list of bouqets.

See pic for attention.


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Have you tried changing settings in Channel picon aspect ratio and Channel picon downsize.


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