Software issues Sab unix triple tuner enigma2


Hi all.
I am a newbie so please be gentle with me!so here is my problem...

I recently purchased a Sab Unix triple tuner that has enigma2 preloaded.I get a lot of issues using the box primarily `` Your receiver has encountered a software problem and needs to be restarted ...``.I have also tried vix4e2project and openatv also and very same issues although the log for the error can be different each time . It usually happens when I click the blue button when watching TV but has seen it when trying to change skins menu.

I have a 320gb hdd,epg stored in hdd,cacheflush setup etc so I don't know is it a setting issue or just the box is not powerful enough to handle the software.

From research there should be no issue with the box running enigma2 smoothly but I am losing faith at this stage.

Many thanks in advance


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I dont use that box so i would start with the basics first,new image,no cachefush as this was for older boxes that were slow,use default skin and go from there,sometimes when things are added they can screw things up.Pressing buttons too fast i can get an error.


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Ok - i will try that.I am going to load VIX4E2 image and go from there.What box and image do you run and is it rock solid or always some slight issues now and again?


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When pressing the Blue Button on the remote the receiver crashes with the following message

"Your receiver has encountered a software issue and needs to restart" - Skin in Blue, not the default skin

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