1. weimaraner95

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER ET8500 QUAD TUNER Boot 1 Boot 2

    Right I have got the boot loader files , do i copy the et8500 multi folder to the usb and let it flash I currently have Willobuild in partition 1 , I want to add openatv usb method can this be put on partition 2 or will it fail. In which order should I do it. Thanks
  2. Yorkshirejok

    GrogBuild Openatv 6.4 v 7

    Hi, Does anyone know of a guide or website which explains the differences, benefits and negative (if any) between Openatv 6 and 7? Many thanks
  3. W

    H9.2H SE OpenATV File

    Hi All, Just recently acquired a ZGemma H9.2H SE which is going to replace a Formuler F1, which decided to fail last weekend (completely dead). However, upon attempting to reflash the box to use wooshbuild, I am unable to acquire the correct flash files from OpenATV as it is only giving me...
  4. Ferret.

    Other OpenATV softcam-feed-universal_4.7-r0 OpenATV softcam-feed-universal_4.7-r0

    softcam-feed-universal_4.7-r0_all.ipk Softcam Feed for OpenATV -For all architectures supported by OpenATV
  5. S

    Wooshbuild/ATV - catch up TV

    Hello, Is it possible to get catch up TV to view recently aired programmes on BBC, ITV, Discovery, etc., similar to Sly? There is a search option I found but it only searches the current EPG and doesn't allow to view recently aired programmes. Is this possible, or is there a way I can install...
  6. dsayers2014

    Mgcmd 1.46 mipsel and arm for ViX, OpenATV, OpenPLI and possibly more r3

    Mgcamd 1.46 IPKS for mipsel and arm boxes This has been mainly tested on OpenATV 6.4/6.5 and ViX. PLI uses a similar softcam method to OpenATV so ATV ipk may work on PLI aswel as Pure2 Download link will take you to the releae page. You can also find them here davesayers2014/SOFTCAMS Some...
  7. imzy

    Box Unresponsive

    Guys, hope you are all well. Wonder if someone would kind enough to help a brother out. I have a Zgemma H9S box currently on OpenATV build. the box crashes on startup and nothing seems to happen after. however I can connect through telnet, is there a way I can reset this?
  8. S

    WooshBuild Install openatv 6.4

    I'm in the process of installing openatv 6.4 onto my zgemma h9.2s and have been running 6.2 for quite a while but need to update. I have installed 6.4 onto my USB but am unable to install it onto the actual zgemma box as I'm currently running wooshbuild infinity on it. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. S

    Openatv 6.4 install from scratch?

    I'm currently running openatv 6.2 on a zgemma h9.2s and can't use E2i player and need to update to 6.4. On the box it seems I can only get 6.3 and when trying to download it I get an error saying "image to install is invalid". Any help would be appreciated.
  10. flyingscotsman19

    WooshBuild How to configure OpenATV to record onto network share on free nas file server

    hi guys, i have a nas which i built in my loft and im looking to record my tv shows / movies from my open atv box onto it can anyone help me set it up to do this?
  11. dsayers2014

    E2tools home of dsayers scripts V0.2 (beta)

    This will be similar to whats already in my H2H zeggy help scripts (without image down loader) but should be able to use on any image/build. The plugin will be called E2tools you will have options for E2Tools Scripts, Autobouquetsmaker, EPG Import and CrossEPG. E2tools Scripts has options for...
  12. A

    OpenATV Softcam Feed 4.5 r0

    This is not a softcam control panel, It just allows you to install softcams from the plugin server. The softcam control methods in OpenATV changed. If you have an image that is older than 03 May 2019, update or flash a newer one first. How to install the secret/softcam feed Option A: (Part...
  13. M

    ET 8000 HD Et8000 openatv

    Wanted to get woosh to run on my xtrend that has been running vix. I downloaded openatv 6.2 but it remained stuck on flashing. Strangely there was no 6.1 available for the et8000. I tried 6.0 which has worked and woosh running fine but can’t understand why 6.2 doesn’t work. The et8000 is still...
  14. R

    Open atv 6.2, VPN plugin, zgemma h2s.

    Hi, can any one tell me how to install the plugin for digibit VPN on the zgemma h2s running openatv 6.2? I have searched in the plugin download menu on my zgemma h2s and the plugin is not in there. Everyone seems to say go to the wooshbuild section in the plugin download menu, but I don't have a...
  15. makido

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Problem with volume

    A friend of mine as an et8500 and as an annoying problem On the remote the volume is always set to 100 and they use the tv remote to increase the volume if needed. I keep getting a call saying they cant hear the tv despite the box remote and the tv remote being set to the max at 100. When it...
  16. O

    H9S Top Skins with lowest storage

    Cheers all, As you know the H9S box is perfect but it has only 1 negative issue which is the limited NAND Flash. What are the best skins to download and use that wont require lot of storage. Can you give information about the size of MyMetrixHD and Sky HD skins that will consume from the flash...
  17. S

    Zgemma H2H with Grobuild freerange not working

    Hi all, I have a zgemma H2H with Grogbuild freerange and a virmin line all working absolutely fine. A friend of mine wanted to have the same so he bought a h2h box and gave it to me to set up at my house. I tried a few builds etc but just never got it working right so last night I reflashed...
  18. R

    Zgemma H2s missing plugins

    ok so my zgemma h2s has been playing up so i have had a lot of help off some very helpful peeps off here, i got it somewhere near and tried to do the rest myself as not all plugins had come back on wooshbuild, i thought i had backed up the settings before i flashed the box but apparently not...
  19. A

    HD channel no audio option showing H3.2tc

    Hi I have a H3.2tc on Openatv 6.0 with whooshbuild infinity on it, running VM HD+ skin. One one of the HD (Asian channel Sony MAX HD) channel is getting video but no sound. Going into the select audio track menu it doesn't show the audio channel option (yellow button), only the AC3 Downmix...
  20. Armpit1UK

    Technomate TM2T OpenAtv 6.2

    Evening all, I've managed to flash and set up OpenAtv on my TM2T and it's 99.9% there but there are a few niggles I want to sort out asap. I’ve mounted both my external USB HDD for recordings and also a USB stick for a swapfile.The swapfile is set to autostart but it seems to forget when the...