Technomate TM2T OpenAtv 6.2


Evening all,

I've managed to flash and set up OpenAtv on my TM2T and it's 99.9% there but there are a few niggles I want to sort out asap.

  1. I’ve mounted both my external USB HDD for recordings and also a USB stick for a swapfile.The swapfile is set to autostart but it seems to forget when the box reboots and I have to manually start it again. Anything I can do to change that?
  2. Previously I used OpenVix and when I pressed the Media button on my remote, it brought up the directory and media. On OpenAtv it doesn’t seem to work the same way. How do I access my directory and files on OpenAtv? It keeps telling me that MediaPortal is not installed.
  3. Finally, I’ve created a picon folder in usr/share/enigma2. I’ve previously downloaded picon IPK’s from and installed them in the tmp folder on Vix. Do I do the same on ATV?