PS4 Update ps4 hard drive.


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I haven't used my ps4 for about a year now due to loosing pad I've brought a new one today but now I have loads of updates and it's complaining about not enough space.

Can anyone recommend a cheap harddrive preferably around 1tb?

I've seen this
It says

PS4 Data Bank Box 2TB Storage Capacity Hard Drive External Playstation 4 Game

It seems too cheap at 2 tb storage or is it just like a cady?
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They are just an external caddy that fits on top of the PS4. You can use any 2.5" hard drive, I paid about £40 for mine on Amazon a couple of years ago, 1tb Seagate.

I replaced the HDD inside the PS4, which meant I had to backup all my saves, install the system software again etc, didn't take too long to do and was dead simple, just followed a YouTube video.

If you are running one of the latest firmwares you can just plug in an external HDD now. So I now have a 1tb inside the PS4 and a seperate 1tb usb HDD.

This is similar to what I bought....