what was the last thing you ate today thread


what was the last thing you ate or drank today thread

ok peeps as title says what was the last thing you had to eat or drink today?

mine was beans on toast for lunch mmmmmmmmm yummmmmmmmm
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mm es forgot drink lol so just edited it i also had a black coffee with me lunch and now about to go get another coffee
i had a toasted sandwich on batch bread ham turkey cheese and tomato
was nice but there was a queer tatse off it
just had southern fried chicken and wedged potatoes - neither of which had much taste lol! but the water and mustard mayo were good lol!
mmmmm been to a BBQ this afternoon and had a burger bit mushed up lol and some peanuts a few buds lol!
Two sausage, egg, and cheese tacos with some coffee.

For lunch, gonna split a pizza casserole and a baked chicken casserole with my sgt.