Will IPTV eventually be wiped out too?


The sat train was awesome for so many years & it's sad to see it disappear.

I think most of us got more than our money's worth out of it, but my question is in regards to it's apparent successor.

How likely is it that we'll get even half as long out of IPTV as we did from the satellite end of things?

sad ken

If you are changing to iptv buy yourself a vpn router all isps are logging your streams and grassing you up !


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Iptv isn't the same thing as cs
Yea some will use cs to do it but they are not the same

Iptv take the out put signal from and box and sends the video to a server

The only way they can stop it is to block the server
Then you move on to the next server


I guess it will depend on how long Virgin Media take to change their encryption the same way that Sky has done to kill C/S

Many IPTV servers rely on Virgin Media Cable.
IPTV will be around a while as all providers are migrating to IPTV format, i.e Sly removing the need for dishes soon. All channels are available through IPTV legitimately with the big providers.

So as long as those guys are sending out streams then someone will make them available to us ,