1. J

    Dreambox replacement 2021??

    I had a dreambox for many years and was running all sky channels through it but has since ceased. Is there any boxes that I can get all sky channels including sports through satellite as my Internet if far too slow to run IPTV. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. S

    Are Sly blocking firestick devices for iptv?

    Hi Guys! new to the site..thought I’d join as I’ve got a bit of head scratcher that I want to get to the bottom of. I wondered if anyone has experienced sly blocking firesticks via wifi? (Sorry I’m not very up to date with the tech lingo) Thing is, even with the VPN on (Surfshark) the iptv is...
  3. R

    NowTV - how far behind “live”?

    Hi guys, evaluating nowtv for the new season through talktalk, anyone know how far behind live it is? (skysports) I used days passes about couple of years back and it was over 40 secs, have they cut the gap now? Thanks in advance
  4. D

    Android box not streaming on sly Q (T95z plus)

    Hi, Would much appreciate help: I have a T95z plus android box since getting the well known sly Q it now will not stream movies or anything.... I have factory reset and made sure its up to date I then set my mobile phone data as a mobile hot-spot and was able to stream via android box...
  5. L

    Newbie help

    So I have a zgemma i55plus I have flashed using ATV and chabs sky skin installed all works a treat but when I hit the epg button on the remote it's not a sky guide , all other mini guides are fine , any ideas Thanks in advance
  6. carbo

    help required on EPG bouquets navigation?

    just uploaded wooshbuild v 10 and extreme editor (not sure which runs the bouquets) , on my zgemma H7s. got it working and took a 24 hr trial. problem I have is I cannot move across the bouquets left - right using the "next" and "prev" buttons on the remote -in the sky skin - using Chabs...
  7. I


    Hi there I've just got A ZGEMMA H9S But I've got a question. When I play channels through my sky box they seem smoother , STV On the Sky box is smooth But STV On the H9S Is 25FPS. Why is a sat channel locked to 25FPS ?
  8. O

    H9S Top Skins with lowest storage

    Cheers all, As you know the H9S box is perfect but it has only 1 negative issue which is the limited NAND Flash. What are the best skins to download and use that wont require lot of storage. Can you give information about the size of MyMetrixHD and Sky HD skins that will consume from the flash...
  9. chris-manch

    Sat, Cable, IPTV - recommendation for a suitable box

    This doesn't seem to fit well in any of the forums so here goes. I currently have VM Cable (200Mbps) and a Sky Dish (single LNB) connected to a Freesat Box. I also have a touring Caravan, and as terrestrial reception is often dire where I go to in UK, I have a portable Satellite dish which I...
  10. scottijones

    Sky + box open ports

    Hi all Happy New Year Does anyone know the full range of tcp/udp ports open on a sky+ box? I want to block all interaction between the box and the internet but have access via intranet for using the app. Tia Scott
  11. R

    No Button text on timers screen in New Sky Skin

    I'm missing the button text on the Timers screen/menu in Chabs New Sky Skin. Also can you increase the number of rows to show on this screen.
  12. grog68

    switch to sky fibre

    I am currently on 200mb Virgin broadband but our teenage son has moved out so thinking the 200mb is a bit of an overkill, he was always playing online games, streaming etc. we do very little of that. I was thinking of dropping to the 50mb virgin but then I looked at sky fibre unlimited and they...
  13. B

    Reception issues using CWAITE list

    I have just moved into a new rental way up north in Scotland and the house has no DTV antenna, but has a minidish from the owner's sly subscription - important - he had sly working. I bought an openbox (cheap one to make sure it would do what I wanted before I invest any real money in - but...
  14. T

    VU+ Solo 2, Wooshbuild - No channels

    Hi, I recently bought a second hand VU+ Solo 2. The plan was to use it for free channels/recording. I've hit a blocker and can't work out why its not working. I've plugged sky cables into the vu+ and installed wooshbuild (v7). I get the channels back on the epg, but no picture/sound. It says...
  15. Black-Panther

    Zgemma H5.2TC - Colors HD Missing!

    Hi guys, So yesterday, my new Zgemma H5.2TC arrived and I excitingly unplugged my old Open Box V5s which was running for years and switched it with the new box. I set it all up, with both cable and satellite and had the help of a splitter to connect to router. Flashed the box with IPAB, got a...
  16. bigwayne1976

    vpn kodi blah blah

    morning guys,im no expert so I hope someone can point me in the right direction,i use kodi quite abit and iptv on my zgemma h2s.broadband is with sky,do I really need a vpn?and is kodi illegal?because I'm sooo confused.
  17. F

    Sports Channels stopped working

    Had my IPTV for just a week now on a 12 month contract, everything was working fine on it and today when ive been going through the channels i was watching the grandprix on sky sports perfectly fine, ive changed channels and then once ive gone back to the grand pric the channel will now longer...
  18. bigwayne1976

    sky broadband

    hi all,ive got a bskyb router sr102 the black hub one,ive always had shit speeds cuz im in a rural area cant get virgin media where i am.anyway sky told me im getting 4 mbs now ive done speed checks and they say im hitting 2 and half there anyway i can speed up my router?re-flash?anything?
  19. P

    Sky and vm running at same time?

    Hello I currently have my zgemma h5 2to set up with the latest woosh and its connected to virgin. I also have a sky line which I am currently using my my old skybox f5. I know I can run the sky line on the box but wonder if both sky and virgin can be set up on the zgemma box? Reason I question...
  20. C

    Zgemma H.2H Install - VM, Sky and IPTV

    Hi all, this is my first post so sorry if it's in the wrong section. I had an Openbox with Sky but as we all know most Sky channels have stopped working on them. As football season is fast approaching I've ordered a Zgemma H.2H box and need some help with setting it up. I've bought the extras...