WooshBuild v3.01- Zgemma 2S + USB Cam Transfer Plugin + BaseBuild - OpenATV 5.1

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If you have more than one unit, can you use the same usb for both units?

If you are talking about the USB that flashes the box and puts BaseBuild on then yes you can as this USB stick is purely used to flash the box and import your line.

If you mean the box in the back of the box, not really. The second USB in the rear port is left in as it is where your recordings are kept along with other bits and pieces.


Hi wooshman got my zgemma working brilliant thanks to your build and threads
So good in fact father in law would like me to update his box only I'm not sure if it's compatible it's a cloud ibox 2 if it's not do you have one which is thank you in advance


Hi Wooshman

I put the usb in the back of the box turn it on and boot comes up like 1 sec after turning on, no words FLSH etc

I have a usb 3.0 and a normal usb stick have tried both and it does not FLSH

I am using Zgemma h2
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