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Xtreme Service


Hi all,

I currently have IPTV and use the Xtreme App on a Zgemma box.on.

The subscription is coming to an end and the supplier isn't responding anymore. I presume it was a reseller and has stopped their service.

My questions is, is there a way to find out who the current server provider as my service is still running. Then I can go straight to source to renew my service as it has been great quality with zero issues. The tassel of finding another good quality supplier is painful and would rather stay put if possible.

Any Help / recommendations welcome



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In a nutshell NO !
When you are added via the xtream app, the provider has no reason to send you any info on who the service is with.
The connection then runs via xtream/provider server with no apparent url/connection info.
You may well have to go hunting again if the provider is no longer responding.


Agree. It is painful. I am in the same situation. Just keep an eye out on how the channel list is addressed (Hopefully the same as what you have now) for new providers.
Always try to get a trial which will help your selection.

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Could echanneliser be used to look at the stream ID / code?

If you can see the server it's pointing at a Google search will,usually point to a provider.