zgemma h1 h2

  1. R

    Please help, losing my mind!

    Newbie here with his fist zgemma box! I attempted to reflash it, with wooshbuild it was all going swimmingly until I downloaded xe editor and had my line done by my iptv seller, when I imported events it just remained on 0 and it wouldn’t budge, tried multiple times but still getting no where...
  2. C


    Hi im aware there is an update to the epgimport extension and that is the reason why my epg is not working. I have tried updating by removing the plugin and downloading it again, but I still see the same epgimport version which is "epgimport (1.0+git134)", I am trying to update it to get the new...
  3. grog68

    Grogbuild ATV 6.1 cable only build for H5.2tc, H7C and H4

    Edit:20th November 2017 - I've just been informed the H52tc build also works well on the H5 Edit:22nd November 2017 - I've been told by @davesbak that the H2H build works well on the H2S, you just need to configure for satellite rather than cable. EDit:26th March 2018 - Grogbuild has now been...
  4. B

    Zgemma H1 or H2

    Hi All, Just looking to see if anyone has a cheap Zgemma H1 or H2 going? Thanks
  5. 8valia

    zgemma cable output F connector

    Hi, I currently have a zgemma Star H2. A mate of mine has bought one but his F connector which he is using for the virmin cable fits in and show's the channels on tv, but the F connector is not tightly screwed in. Mine in tightly fitted, but I cannot see much difference with my F connector and...
  6. Y

    tuner failed. please help badly stuck zgemma sky and vm setup

    Hello all, new to the forum. So I have a zgemma star H1, capable of sky and vm I believe? So have been given a 'gift' which supports sky and virgin media. Firstly I couldn't scan for sky channels at my house so I took the box to my brothers. Found 587 in to autobouqets maker. Couldn't test the...
  7. 8valia

    Sky sports HD on vm line not working

    Hi guys, I am getting a blank screen on all sly sports HD channels but Beetee sports HD works. Any idea what's going on ? This is on even a sly line but a vermin line
  8. djsx

    box office on star H1

    hi all i have a zgemma star H1 on VM side ive done a channel rescan but still no box office i have ipab image i cant find box office can someone please help thanks djsx
  9. 81goffy

    Iptv on Zgemma

    Hi, has anyone got a guild to putting iptv onto a zgemma properly please? I've got it on there at the minute but the epg isn't updating. I'm still showing mid week games from 2 weeks ago on the epg. Thanks in advance
  10. J

    Cable Problems after re-flashing H1

    I recently had to re-flash my zgemma star H1 box. I did everything the same as usual... I downloaded an openvix image off the zgemma site, installed via USB. I installed the mgcamd 1.38, installed the relevent package files and pasted my c-line on using FileZilla. I did a channel scan and...
  11. A

    Long channel change

    HI All, I hope you are well?! I have a H.2H running VM... Box in living room was bought all setup, Bedroom box Ive just setup myself... both boxes with same line provider, different lines per box... Both boxes work simultaneously, watching different channels etc however... When watching a...
  12. R

    Some channels not working

    I am new to this box still getting used to it for the last two days some of my channels have just been blank how can i update the channel list to get them to work again ?
  13. A

    Information on a provider?

    I bought a box all ready to go and worked great, ive gotten fluent in using it so thought id set up my own this morning. all went well setup within a few minutes. all I needed was the provider. Checked my current one and went straight there. registered on the site, transferred the funds...
  14. S

    Satellite line help !!!!!

    all day been trying different things at the end of my tether !! stressed is an understatement lol have downloaded and flashed my h5 with woosh h5 i have a N line which i paste in a notepad and named newcam.list ,,,, put it into keys checked cam tis on mgcamd_1.38r1 still no sky 1 ,, have tried...
  15. K

    zgemma h2s

    hi, I am a newby to this, could really do with some help, when I turn on my box red light comes on & starts to boot, it gets to -47- then stalls, then goes to -49- then after 5 seconds goes off to red light. I have tried to go to wooshbuild to download new install, then am told to go to...
  16. P

    Box crashing when i press menu

    Anyone any ideas why i keep getting an error message and box crashing when i press menu?
  17. Andy Mcd

    Images Andy Mc Open ATV-6.1 2.0

    OpenATV 6.1- Backup image set up for cable H1+H2 Zgemma Models. Fully Updated 22.11.2017 Autobouquets 2.9 - Fixes Audio Issue All Software updates completed as of 22/11/2017 Picons Updated Kiddacs Vskin HD 2.006 Kiddacs Slykhd_5.230 +Mods With a modded version of Kiddac's Slyk1-HD 5.230...