Zgemma H5.2TC - Select Satellite tuner


HI all

quick question for you all

I have the box listed above and line working fine and dandy.. I am getting some glitching on all channels.. freezing for a couple of seconds and recovers, hopefully its the BB playing up a touch.

For the life of me I cant seem to find the option to view the satellite channels.. I seem to remember i turned that tuner off but I cant see a way to chose the sat tuner over the cable tuner..?

Any help..? I ask this purely as I am about to go away for the weekend and the wife needs to know the key presses in case the BB goes down and she needs to choose the satt channels to get TV back..


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If you go into abm config then change add provider prefix to bouquet to yes then re-scan you'll get 2 sets of bouquets - 1 for S*y and 1 for VM.

When you say freezing, is it pixellation or the picture stops for a few seconds then comes back on?

What internet do you have?


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Make sure you sat tuner is enabled Menu -> setup -> service Searching -> Tuner Configuration -> Tuner A


Thanks all. looking into it now.

The picture stops for a couple of seconds, pixelation occurs then then catches up with the broadcast.

I have Virgin BB, 150mb i think. All devices on the network seem to be behaving ok.