1. W

    Failed to tune vermin on tuner c

    hi got a h5.2tc now for a year runs fine woke up this morning to a error message auto boquets failed to tune vermin to tuner c , i have the two cable tuners enabled no sat. Any ideas what has caused it sometime my hdd dismounts and that seemed to have happen during the night but have remounted...
  2. W

    Cable box

    hi been looking online to pickup a zgemma h5.2tc but can seem to find one anywhere? Any help would be great. Also is there anything similar with two cable tuners
  3. W

    Some channels off

    hi noticed my boxnation and premier sports are just black screen have done a re scan and the same. Probider has said his is the same possible transponder issue is anyone having these issues? Im in glasgow area
  4. I

    Cable ZGEMMA H5.2TC - Lines and Gifts

    Hi All, I received my new ZGEMMA H5.2TC today (3 TUNERS, DVB-S2 + 2 x DVB-T2/C). I am new to the scene so will try to pick my way through the forums and guides to get me up and running. I would just like to do some experimentation before I set it up in its final configuration. I currently have...
  5. W

    Sound issue

    Hi there. Getting an issue where every few seconds my sound cuts off on certain channels the video is playing fine and not glitching seems to be on most channels bar the sports. Bbc 1 sd i noticed tonight during motd. This seems to be even more noticable on a recording also. When i play...
  6. W

    Channels gone

    all ym hd sky and bt sports are black and fta 1-5 are black anyone know whats going on?
  7. S

    Bouquets issue

    I hope someone can help. I have added channels to the International bouquet yesterday and today when i have checked they have disappeared. Any ideas on how to keep these channles on there? I have the grogbuild set up
  8. L

    Accessing HDD via SAMBA on LG SMART TV

    Hi Guys I have searched the forums, but cant seem to find an answer as to whether you can access recorded content off the HDD on a zgemma h5.2c running wooshbuild 7. I have samba enabled, but when i browse to the DLNA share on the LG tv, no files are showing up. Am i barking up the wrong tree...
  9. S

    Zgemma h5.2TC Softcam issues

    HI guys i am a total newbie on here so please excuse me. I have managed to install whooshbuild on my zgemma and also add my line on FileZilla. I am having issues in finding Softcam/CI when pressing the blue button or via plugins, Softcam/CI doesn't come up all. Please can someone advise on how I...
  10. R

    Audio Description zgemma - star

    I seem to have audio description on some of my channels. How can you switch this off?
  11. J

    H5.2tc stuck on boot and cant re-flash

    Help needed please, ran a star2s on sly for a couple of years, just bitten the bullet and got a vermin line in the house. Purchased a brand new shiny H5.2tc which came with open atv pre loaded. Ipab is the software I'm familiar with so I set about trying to flash it. 5 USB's and a few hours...
  12. Black-Panther

    How To Setup Zgemma H5.2TC?

    Hello guys, new to this forum and enjoying some of the value one here. I searched around and couldn't find the specific answer to this which matches my situation. I have a VM broadband but I used to have a satellite tv (sky), so therefore I don't have the specific cable wires to just plug and...
  13. grog68

    Grogbuild ATV 6.1 cable only build for H5.2tc, H7C and H4

    Edit:20th November 2017 - I've just been informed the H52tc build also works well on the H5 Edit:22nd November 2017 - I've been told by @davesbak that the H2H build works well on the H2S, you just need to configure for satellite rather than cable. EDit:26th March 2018 - Grogbuild has now been...
  14. F

    Zgemma H5.2TC - Select Satellite tuner

    HI all quick question for you all I have the box listed above and line working fine and dandy.. I am getting some glitching on all channels.. freezing for a couple of seconds and recovers, hopefully its the BB playing up a touch. For the life of me I cant seem to find the option to view...
  15. grog68

    HD channels OK but few SD just blank.

    OK this is an interesting one, a friend with a h5.2tc set up as cable only is getting everything but about a dozen SD channels, they're just blank, they are getting the HD versions ok, a couple of the missing channels are +1 so don't have HD equivalent. They are using a labgear splitter from...
  16. F

    H5.2TC setup with whooshbuild, missing SS1 etc

    hi All So after researching a lot on here and purchasing the H5.2tC to replace my H2s which has gone dark I have a few queries. I have the receiver setup, flashed with the latest Whooshbuild and tuned into the VM channels with my areas NETID. After tuning the channels the box is not showing...
  17. W

    Recording issues h5.2tc

    Hi just got my box running vix, box seems to have issues when recording more than one show. Show on my cable tuner was fine but the show on my sat tuner was glitching on playback non stop. Any ideas what could be causing it my sat line and cable lines have been fine for a good few months on my...