zgemma 2s woosh build

  1. B

    GrogBuild Using 2 feeds on zgemmah2.s - what is the tuner config-Help?

    I set up a zgemma h.2s for a friend last Thursday but now there is no signal on lnb 1 , ie above the tuner b slot., which I call Tuner B. I had tuner B set as equal to Tuner A and got a signal and did 2 recordings etc etc. I rang them now and got them to try tuner A simple and tuner B as...
  2. L

    WooshBuild Working fine then dead?

    Hey there I am totally new to everything. I have worked my own box through the forums for a few years but iv hit a snag today. I have a Zgemma H2S running Wooshbuild Infinity. It has been working fine for months and was doing so till early this afternoon where I came home turned on the TV and...
  3. J

    ZGEMMA h.2s duel tuner config needed

    Hello i have a zgemma h2.s my tuner keep dropping out each time it's turned off. When i try and do a scan it advises there is a tuner config issue. Im running wooshbuild 6.2ATv Does anyone know what the correct config is for a duel tuner zgemma h.2s is please
  4. A

    IPTV/DVB EPG Possibility?!

    Hi everyone, I have a zGemma H2s with an IPTV line installed and my family find it cumbersome jumping between the standard bouquets and the IPTV ones. So, I was just wondering if it is possible to have my zGemma H2s have an EPG that is based on the 'Sly' channel numbering system that when i...
  5. duffman72

    Time shift file

    Hi. i have a Zgemma HS2 running wooshbuild v6. Connected to Virgin fibre and currently get in excess of 50mg. I am currently getting the following message on screen: Casting hard link file failed. Timeshift does not support file link. Make sure this is permitted (Ext 2 Ext3 & Ext 4 not...
  6. R

    zgemma h.2s LCD 49 keeps rebooting

    Hi Guys, I am a newbie to zgemma h2s but my parents had one for a while where very happy, I have tried to install a epg bouquet maker from a iptv supplier and box is now stuck in reboot mode, it is just looping i have formatted a flash drive to fat32 and tried to flash zgemma with latest...
  7. Black-Panther

    How To Setup Zgemma H5.2TC?

    Hello guys, new to this forum and enjoying some of the value one here. I searched around and couldn't find the specific answer to this which matches my situation. I have a VM broadband but I used to have a satellite tv (sky), so therefore I don't have the specific cable wires to just plug and...
  8. R

    Zgemma Mac Address change

    Hie all, I have zgemma with IPTV which was working fine through xtreamtv then I reflashed the box with wooshbuild & reinstalled xtream only to find MAC address was different i have changed the MAC address to the new one but it then blocks the network. if i do a network test the LAN connection...
  9. Almighty Jambon


    I have a zgemma 2s box but it is crazy slow. I found it slow before but all of a sudden it is loads slower (bringing up epg etc). Also I have lost all my sky channels (sky1, movies, sports)... bt sports still ok and box nation. Was wondering if anyone knew; - is there a way to speed up the...
  10. J

    Zgemma H.2S wont boot

    So i decided to use the online software update despite the warning that my image was old, and now it wont boot. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? im an absolute amateur on this so simple words would help, thanks. iv tried downloading wooshbuild again and trying to get it to flash from a usb...
  11. S

    Euro sat on wooshbuild

    so I can still use what I have, ie dish, box and wooshbuild.... If I position my dish to foreign satellites, would the zgemma play the FTA channels on wooshbuild? And paid ones if I got a foreign sub? I see if I press up on wooshbuild, and then yellow, I see different providers. Would these...
  12. I

    Problems with zgemma on sly broadband !!!

    Recently my zgemma boxes have gone off, I have 2 box 1 at my home an 1 at my parents. I have tried 're flashing the boxes an using different lines from a different supplier . Both houses have sly broadband , could sly be blocking my signal by any chance ??
  13. shaundc5

    LAN port doesnt seem to work???

    Hi guys im new here but i was wondering if you can help me, i have a H2S and LAN cable wouldnt display an IP address even when i tried static assigning one. I have tried multiple cables all wont work with it. i tried to reflash with wooshbuild but stuck on the screen please connect to the...