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hard drive for f5s

Discussion in 'Skybox F3 - F5 - F6' started by Marks, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Marks

    Marks Member

    Hi i am looking at getting a skybox f5s can you record on external hard drive if so hows it done
    cheers mark
  2. bees

    bees VIP Member

    Buy a USB Hdd, not a massive one, some boxes
    don't see really big ones (about 500Gb, or less will do fine).

    Format to FAT32 (some come pre formatted)

    Plug it into the box.

    You have a record button at the bottom of the remote
    for instant recording.

    For timer recording press the micro panel button (m/p)

    Timer Settings - Ok

    Change timer settings to "once or daily " (right button)
    Timer service to "record" (right button)

    Set channel,date,time and duration (like setting an old video recorder)


    If your box is going to be on standby, start recording a bit early as it only starts booting
    from the time you have set.
  3. Marks

    Marks Member

    Hi thanks for the reply

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