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Starview 7 working again after 12 month payment.

Discussion in 'Starview' started by StarBack, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. StarBack

    StarBack Member

    just to let you all know that my box is running paid for a year my expiry date now shows 2012

    so worth the 45 quid so far for the year, just hope it lasts.


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  2. buckley123

    buckley123 Member

    wat a muppet why have you paid for sumat thats FREE ???????????????/
  3. j4v3d

    j4v3d VIP Member

    thats what i was just thinking
  4. buckley123

    buckley123 Member

    hmm lets all buy a sv box for a ton and then pay 45 bucks to get it working .... how the hell have you done that as mine is working fine and i only paid twenty quid for it
  5. soarsy1

    soarsy1 Member


    hi have you got every channel now that you have paid your sub or have you still got the same problems as before ?
  6. j4v3d

    j4v3d VIP Member

    who did you pay the money to?
  7. StarBack

    StarBack Member

    Niether of you 2 have read the starview forum latley have you!, and less of the name calling buckley!.

    If you read around the forum you will have seen to get your staview back on you can either pay 25 for 6 months or 45 for 12 months.

    The only muppet I see are the folk still not in the know on how to get it back working.

    Read for god sake instead of being expected to be spoonfed everything.
  8. soarsy1

    soarsy1 Member

    hi , could you answer my question from earlier before all out war breaks out , have you got every channel working now that you have paid or are you still missing some ??? like before. thanks !!
  9. StarBack

    StarBack Member

    few channels not working

    gold and +1, sky1, racing uk, sky premier few others but sports are back and thats all I care about TBH besides the kids channels which are also working which will keep them happy on rainy days.
  10. soarsy1

    soarsy1 Member

    thanks for the reply, can you keep us updated with info if the other channels come on and reliability of the server , would like to see how stable it is before spending out again thanks !!!
  11. buckley123

    buckley123 Member

    of corse i have read all the garbage in the forum and peorsonaly think that if u r stupid enuf to pay out more cash for something that is already working then fair play but if u had an ounce of brain in your head you would have realised that all u had to do was work out how to flash a new program on to the box yourself and i dont mean smgo 1 or 2 or 3 but as i am not going to spoonfeed you u will have to work it out yaself lol
  12. soarsy1

    soarsy1 Member

    i think people are starting to lose sight of what the forums are about ! not everybody is a techno phobe and knows everything about cable/sat boxes.. we should be able to help each other out and give guidance on how to resolve problems and not resort to mindless name calling, all info no matter how small is greatfuly appreciated,knowledge is a great weapon !!!
  13. Phil-1979

    Phil-1979 Banned banned

    Did you pay by Paypal?
  14. jodav

    jodav VIP Member

    Spot on, if StarBack is happy and he\she wants to let people know, then thats good stuff imo.
  15. noelyf

    noelyf VIP Member

    Any more name calling in these threads & I`m gonna hand out bans and I couldnt give two fooks who dislikes this post.
  16. StarBack

    StarBack Member

    Yes paid via paypal Phil. I know about the risks etc but I doubt very much they are gonna come after the little fish.

    The other guy will realise shortly when his box goes off but not going to get into a slanging match with him.

    also thanks Noel :).
  17. j4v3d

    j4v3d VIP Member

    personally i feel starview has always been unreliable. If it works for you then i hope it stays that way for you for the next 12 months and wish you get your money worth out of it.

    what has kiddy said about it? i've stayed away because you can see it gets heated in this section.
  18. Phil-1979

    Phil-1979 Banned banned

    I wont be paying anything by Paypal. Especially to someone like Kiddy. If and when my box goes off I'll be walking away from SV for good. I'd rather pay my money to a reliable service and one that at least has all the channels working. I think SV have a cheek asking for money when they haven't even finished the job they started in March.

    Oh and 12 month? I dont think they'll last that long. Good luck!
  19. trevor1969

    trevor1969 Member

    yes mine working also full chanells i payed 25quid for 6 month and was on within 24hrs ,+plus how can you say we are mad paying for somat thats free any way it aint free cos it dont work you pay and you get it i for 1 aint bothered paying 25quid if it lasts a month wot have i lost cheers kiddy your a goodun
  20. StarBack

    StarBack Member

    I have heard that KV will be going down the same route shorlty, dont know how much of this is true.

    25 quid is cheap compaired to what it would cost with card share so I don't mind paying it.

    If I get a month out of it I would have still saved on what it cost for a full subscription with VM.

    People that have already got a box, dont cut of your nose to spite your face, try 6 months for 25 quid, if it lasts 2 months you will still have saved money.

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