WilloBuild OpenViX 5.2 Series

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Following in the footsteps of Grog68 and Wooshman, my build can now be flashed directly via PuTTY.
This should now work on any OpenViX supported receiver.
Many thanks to Grog68 for the OpenViX flash script :(y):
Updated to OpenViX 5.2.014
OpenViX 5.2.013
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Updated to 5.2.011
Updated to OpenViX 5.2.009
Updated to OpenViX 5.2.006

KiddaC's old skins removed pending the new releases

Slyk1-1080 R19 added

ServiceApp added

Jedi IPTV Bouquet Maker added

Red option button enabled on native ViX skins
OpenViX 5.2.004
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Updated to OpenViX 5.2.001



Doesn’t work and sticks at 18/100.
Use Automatic Full Backup in plugins instead.
Press the yellow button and select option 4 (Console mode as recovery)
This creates a hd51 folder in the root of your hdd.
When finished open /media/hdd/hd51/ and rename kernel1.bin to kernel.bin and copy the hd51 folder to usb.
(and also save to pc in case of disaster).
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Updated to OpenViX 5.1.032
Updated to OpenViX 5.1.031