1. Prim@l

    All Float Tech iOS apps Lifetime subscription FREE @ Apple Store

    ‎The Document Converter Find all of the apps by searching for "Float Tech" on the Apple App Store. To activate the lifetime subscription, go to the settings of the app, then select the PROMO / Promotion tab, and activate the promotion. GIF Maker / GIF Creator £4.49 - Locker: Photo Vault £8.99...
  2. cactikid

    OTHER xtrend 10000 issue

    Having issues on a 5.4.14 openvix image and not sure if might also have a failing hdd. I access recordings from that box on other boxes but notice my control of play is not right as it may stop or when adds come on 3-6-9 does not fast forward but the arrows give me some control. Even access...
  3. M

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend 8500 complete factory reset?

    Over the years I've loaded various images, fiddled with files via FTP, installed plugins etc. The box now randomly freezes and restarts itself. I understand you have to flash an original image to completely reset the image and all the files. Am I correct in that I need to just download the...
  4. O

    H9S SD CARD Compatibility

    Hello guys, I am planning to purchase Micro-SD for the box to install image on + plugins I found Kingston SDCR/32GBSP with 100MB/s Read, 80MB/s Write speeds Which is good for the receiver to act like its internal flash Can you advise if it is compatible with the card reader of Zgemma H9S ?
  5. C

    ET 8000 HD Loading ring.

    Hi all got an Xtrend et8500 running wilos latest image, seem to be getting the loading ring in the corner coming up a fair bit, anyone know why this would be??? It's a bit annoying.
  6. Willo3092

    WilloBuild ViX 5.4 for Zgemma 5.4.001

    The following receivers are supported: HS, H.2S, H.2H, H3.2TC, H5, H5.2S, H5.2S+, H5.2TC Please note that these images are built by myself and are based on OpenViX No support is offered by the official OpenViX Team for these receivers Any problems post your question in the builds forum...
  7. Black-Panther

    H2H Box Slow & Channels Blank - REFLASH

    My Zgemma H2H which currently runs Open Vix image has many issues. From the box being slow to respond to any button pressed on the remote, all the way to half the channels being blank saying something like DVB message, and the organisation being all messed up. The image has never been updated...
  8. Black-Panther

    Zgemma H2H - Slow & Messed Up EPG - REFLASH?

    My Zgemma H2H which currently runs Open Vix image has many issues. From the box being slow to respond to any button pressed on the remote, all the way to half the channels being blank saying something like DVB message, and the organisation being all messed up. The image has never been updated...
  9. Willo3092

    OpenATV 6.2

    Anyone tried this yet? Only for ARM receivers at the moment and unstable beta.
  10. C

    Miraclebox Premium Micro HD 1x DVB-C/T/T2 Cable/Terrestrial Image

    Afternoon All Does anybody have an image to download ready-to-use, for the Miraclebox Premium Micro HD DVB-C, has a popular retailer has a great price on this reciever. Image options; OpenVIX, OpenPLi or OpenATV Thanks in advance
  11. C

    Dsayers 6.1 image - A few teething issues

    Hi guys, I've managed to update my box from the old 6.0 image to Dsayers 6.1 image and it runs really well. However there are a few issues that need resolving: 1. IPTV does not update or work. When I try updating from the current version (2017.10.23.01), I get the message "THERE IS NO UPDATE...
  12. Willo3092

    WilloBuild OpenViX 5.2 Series

  13. CJ1988


    Hello everyone i've just a done a image flash on my box, but when i try and download mgcamd 1.38 it says failed to download enigma2 plugin, perhaps you need to run opkg update. Can i use mgcamd 1.35 instead of 1.38. thanks.
  14. Black-Panther

    How To Setup Zgemma H5.2TC?

    Hello guys, new to this forum and enjoying some of the value one here. I searched around and couldn't find the specific answer to this which matches my situation. I have a VM broadband but I used to have a satellite tv (sky), so therefore I don't have the specific cable wires to just plug and...
  15. Mickymuller

    latest image for xtrend8000 and can i have iptv on it

    Hi people I wanting to upgrade to the latest image and i don't know what is the best i'm running Vix Hades version at the moment plus i want to run iptv on the box is it possable i have Xtrend 8000 with cable and sat tuner and 200mb cable running into it...
  16. S

    2nd box image flashing

    hi, tried searching but still struggling.... ive done a full backup of my main box and want to flash this onto another box. i have the 3 folders, backupstick, fullbackup, and zgemma folders. ive renamed the noforce files in bothe the fullbackup and zgemma folders, yet when i try to flash i...
  17. J

    Vu+ Openvix - Can I flash my Duo with a backup image from my Solo2?

    Hi, any advice for getting my Duo to match my Solo2 image? Can I simply flash my Duo with a Solo2 backup image? I am a newbie so an "idiots guide" response would be appreciated. Any advice on this problem or anything else you think might help me in general would be fab. Cheers!
  18. Luffy

    Box wont boot or flash new image, got a blue screen

    Hi, I attempted to change my splash, but now my box won't boot or flash an image. It just shows this screen. Please can someone help me? Thanks, Luffy
  19. T

    DM800 HD se clone image

    Hi all I decided to flash a DM800 HD se and well it didnt go well :-( It now reads "RA1 No CA Found" I know switching off the power button, pressing the mini flashup and then the restart button tobring up the ip address and login to flash the box. I ve tried lots of imagesfrom the internet but...
  20. R

    tm nano se plus

    i was advised by an administrator of an iptv server that i should install open itv on my technomate tm nano se plus. at the moment it has an open pli image on it which i installed from my memory stick so i know the stick is ok. i have tried many openitv images but the box does not seem to pick...