1. cactikid

    ET 8000 HD Losing recordings

    In my kitchen i use client mode from the 8000 and can view recordings on every box from there. Going into the sitting room to continue with the same program i cannot find that section. Note sizes of hdd? So the question is how to get back on the path of Movie as trying to get it on my H7S...
  2. cactikid

    ET 8000 HD Red light on front panel

    6.4.02 image on my box and not used for a while but Vu Zero is using it in Client mode. Earlier tonight i noticed red light on front panel and thinking it was recording something but no timers or autotimers seen ? I do have internal and externally powered 1 tb drives and both ext4. Is there...
  3. cactikid

    ET 8000 HD Client mode error

    Putting my 8000 back into service but unable to get client mode to accept its IP from it to use on the Vu Zero. My Gigablue Quad was there and used it with client mode on zero. I have double checked IP is working on the ET as downloaded plugins NFS and Samba and both running. Forgot i had to...
  4. dsayers2014

    Mgcmd 1.46 mipsel and arm for ViX, OpenATV, OpenPLI and possibly more r3

    Mgcamd 1.46 IPKS for mipsel and arm boxes This has been mainly tested on OpenATV 6.4/6.5 and ViX. PLI uses a similar softcam method to OpenATV so ATV ipk may work on PLI aswel as Pure2 Download link will take you to the releae page. You can also find them here davesayers2014/SOFTCAMS Some...
  5. K

    GrogBuild No All4one plugin with OpenVix?

    Hi, I have a new GigaBlue UE 4K box and decided to try out Grogbuild. (I have been using Wooshbuild on Zgemma H.2s for the last few years) I noticed that I could select OpenVix so gave that a go and to my delight, it offered the chance to install All4One plugin (with my login/password details)...
  6. D

    Jedi Xtreme plugin freezes when selecting Playlists

    I've installed the Jedi Xtreme plugin on OpenVix on a vu solo+2 box. I've ftp'd the playlists file across but when I select Playlists the box freezes and the spinning icon appear top left. I have to reboot the box. The box works perfectly otherwise. I was unable to find logs to see what the...
  7. flyingscotsman19

    WooshBuild stuck on wooshbuild Infinity logo after install

    hi, my box is stuck on the wooshbuild logo after install on openvix i only got this error when installing, any help would be greatly appreaciated
  8. dsayers2014

    E2tools home of dsayers scripts V0.2 (beta)

    This will be similar to whats already in my H2H zeggy help scripts (without image down loader) but should be able to use on any image/build. The plugin will be called E2tools you will have options for E2Tools Scripts, Autobouquetsmaker, EPG Import and CrossEPG. E2tools Scripts has options for...
  9. L

    Latest image for ZGEMMA-STAR S boxes

    Hey folks, lots of confusing information out there, but can anyone point me in the direction of the latest Openvix (or alternative) software with the SkyHD type setup? I tried one this morning and it crashed the box so took ages but managed to restore it to the old Sucmnsee image for now, any...
  10. S

    Zgemma h9 OpenVIX- Used for EUROpean channels any tips

    NOOB below here!!! Hi I'm getting a Zgemma h9 for my family friend who watches European channels, mostly Spanish TV/Channels. I will be hooking up their European satellite and terrestrial UK TV to the Zgemma Twin tuner and i was wondering any advice on installing some extra channels. IPTV if...
  11. thebulls

    miracle box tv twin plus work with xtream editor

    Hi Guys im looking at going down to iptv route i have a miraclebox twin plus box so i dont have to buy another box will the xtream editor work on this and do i need format the box etc before hand as it has openvix on it the moment Also is this box and E2 Platform Thanks for your help
  12. R

    No Button text on timers screen in New Sky Skin

    I'm missing the button text on the Timers screen/menu in Chabs New Sky Skin. Also can you increase the number of rows to show on this screen.
  13. grog68

    Flash VIX via command line from the creators GrogBuild FreeRange - Leading the way to simplicity

    as a spin off from I've now put together a little script to flash open vix from the command line. Please note this will only work for officially supported...
  14. P

    No sound on recordings on Openvix Zgemma H2S

    For the last month, the normal audio track on my recordings is not present. If I switch the audio track on the recording to NAR, the sound is there, but obviously with the narration as well. I haven't done anything to the box like changing settings, or flashing it, it just stopped recording the...
  15. S

    Openvix - HDMI Port Issue

    Hi all, I have an issue with a MB premium micro. Have tried various cables, new and older openvix / openatv images. Different HDMI Ports and different TV / monitor (Seems better or worse depending on TV But still happens). So the box will boot and you will see the MIraclebox logo in the...
  16. S

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 Set up issue

    Hi, some help needed if possible. just got a new ET8500 pre loaded with openvix, 1 sat tuner 1 cable. as i have cable in my house, i set it so the c tuner is only connected. have go through this set up Guide How set up an E2 combo box with vix image but when i scan i am getting no channels, i...
  17. B

    Memory Issue - I think?

    hi guys! Quick one, My Technomate TM-TWIN-OE (OpenVix) box has been freezing more than I'd like. I've gone through process of elimination and have found the following: Internets Fine Providers say no probs their end. Now, I've unplugged the box from the router and tried to watch a movie on...
  18. S

    ET 8000 HD recording issue,

    i have just updated my box to a new image. all seemed fine until i tried to recorded onto my internal hdd. prior to the new image Openvix 5 1 013 Release Et8000. prior to the new image i had no issues at all recording, when i attempt to record now it appears to be recording as normal but...
  19. N

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER WiFi change

    help required changing WiFi Box running on WiFi Want to change WiFi to a vpn WiFi Setting ... blue button Network Wizard Chose new network Entered password Press enter and I get thrown out to existing WiFi Any help appreciated
  20. H

    Help choosing correct box

    Hello guys i currently have a miraclebox micro prem running openvix but im going to transfer that to the bedroom. i want to buy a premium box with better spec and good firmware updates thats reliable that has 2 virmin tuners so i can record and watch at the same time i was looking at this box...