WooshBuild Infinity: Satellite, Cable, Freeview, Saorview, IPTV - For ALL Enigma2 boxes

WooshBuild Infinity: Satellite, Cable, Freeview, Saorview, IPTV - For ALL Enigma2 boxes Update 2018/11/14

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SaorView setup now added for RoI users
Another first by WooshBuild - still leading the way while others follow.

We are please to have now added a Saorview + satellite option for RoI users.

This gives RoI users with a cable tuner in the box the ability to have Irish Terrestrial channels from their TV aerial at the top of the channel list while still having satellite to receive the other channels.

saorview in wooshbuild infinity.png

We are extremely pleased with the 130 different makes / models of box confirmed running WooshBuild, this is the exact purpose Infinity was created for.

Also, www.kuul.co.uk (Kuul Media, the latest Techkings forum sponsor) offers WooshBuild Infinity as a shipped option on some of the range of boxes they sell.
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It was time Infinity was updated so we did it in a big way.
FreeView can now be added by entering just your postcode!

For those of you with a cable tuner, Infinity now give the option to add FreeView to your box using just your postcode, no other configuration is required. FreeView only works through your normal TV aerial and if you have a box with DVB-C/T (cable)

Also updated IPTV Player to E2iPlayer so it installs again.





WooshBuild Infinity setup also works with OpenATV 6.3 with boxes already confirmed as up and running with no setup issues.

*OpenATV 6.3 is still in very early beta stages so expect issues when using your box in general as elements / plugins may not work properly.
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A dedicated Digibit VPN plugin added

WooshBuild Infinity now contains a dedicated DigibitVPN plugin which has private servers just for Infinity users. This plugin will only work with Infinity.

The plugin has the ability to refresh the server list at the push of a button connecting directly to Digibit servers. These are new servers created just for WooshBuild Infinity users.

DigibitVPN Adder version 0.05 is available to download from the WooshBuild section of plugins on Infinity only.



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Picons updated
Picons updated to the most recent set available

You can either uninstall and re-add the picon set or software updates will do it for you.

WooshBuild Infinity is now running on a confirmed 94 different makes / models of boxes.