1. J

    What is the best Enigma 2 box

    Looking for a new Enigma 2 box which is capable of running IPTV/ Normal satellite will probably install wooshbuild. looking to be able to record a satelite channel whilst watching another i currently have the zegemma h2s but its really slow now so looking for an upgrade. Would really...
  2. M

    WooshBuild USB Initialisation Failed

    Hi Guys, Having a nightmare setting up this box and have done many in the past. The USB initialisation fails and reports an error on the box no matter what USB memory pen used, then I get stuck on the installing plugin page once past that stage! Is this build no longer being supported...
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Getting Freeview working properly on H5.2TC with channel numbers and EPG

    My question are really. Where do I get an bouquet maker for terrestrial TV? Can anyone recommend an alternative to Wooshbuild? Equip - Zgemma H5.2TC OpenATV 6.3 Previously I was using Freesat, but changed to Terrestrial. Other satellite Zgemmas I own work perfectly with Wooshbuild e.g. Zgemma...
  4. tomlee80

    EASY VPN PLUGIN ON WOOSHBUILD. Still shows my actual IP within plugin?

    Hi, So it's almost a year down the line since I signed up to Digibit and ensured that my the Easy VPN plugin had the correct credentials and was active.. It's only today that I paid attention to the IP Address indicated in Easy VPN with the VPN switched on. It's MY ACTUAL IP. Also I have...
  5. L

    Satellite Missing Streams

    Hi guys, this might be an odd one but I'm confused and can't find anything online that'll answer my Q. I have a H7S running the latest OpenATV with Wooshbuild Infinity and am running IPTV via Xtream (which is also updated). Most of my IPTV runs well but oddly on the Zgemma all my BT Spts and...
  6. P

    WooshBuild easy set up (wooshbuild infinity) won't go away on re-boot is there any way of disabling (only when you press red to close it goes)

    Hi, I have set up open a.t.v 6.3 on a number of zdgemmas for family & friends on open ATV 6.3 & wooshbuild infinity there seems to be a setup screen from wooshbuild that will not go away. Easy set up (wooshbuild infinity) won't go away on re-boot is there any way of disabling from...
  7. S

    Recording issues

    Hi I have a Zgemma H7s running whooshbuils infinity. Problem is when trying to record anything in iptv the recording fails or stops after 2-3 minutes. It is only recording and not watching/recording, so there is only one connection at the time. Normal tv recording ok, Have I missed something...
  8. P

    AutoBouquetMaker - Channel Lists - (Solved)

    Hi All, Just Re-Flashed my VU+Uno4Kse with OpenATV 6.3 and then Wooshbuild. I've setup AutoBouquetMaker as normal. However when I look in the Bouquets the Channels are listed like this: The Channels are showing half way down the screen. In some Bouquets it has blank lines between...
  9. D

    WooshBuild Zgemma H7S Install Blue Screen Crash Loop

    Hey, Hope someone can help me out. Bought a Zgemma H7S. Put in 500GB Hard Drive. Loaded Wooshbuild Infinity through Terminal as recommended. Now it loads to 90 goes to easy setup screen. Crashes blue screen and repeats. Not sure what to do at this stage. Thanks.
  10. J

    WooshBuild Restart issues on wooshbuild infinity - Vu Solo2

    Hi guys, I've trawled through this thread for a solution but I can't find any: WooshBuild - Wooshbuild Infinity Support Thread I've got WB infinity installed and all set up - brilliant! However, when I restart my Vu Solo2 box (Menu > Standby/Restart > Restart or Deep Standby) my box does not...
  11. flyingscotsman19

    WooshBuild How to configure OpenATV to record onto network share on free nas file server

    hi guys, i have a nas which i built in my loft and im looking to record my tv shows / movies from my open atv box onto it can anyone help me set it up to do this?
  12. S

    Cable Help flashing

    H7c, wooshbuild infinity. Been running for a few months problem free until I get the recurring”WB” symbol every 30 secs, that stops everything working. I got no replies to this in whoosh section so am trying to flash my backup. My stick is formatted etc correctly but no matter how I try, I...
  13. flyingscotsman19

    WooshBuild stuck on wooshbuild Infinity logo after install

    hi, my box is stuck on the wooshbuild logo after install on openvix i only got this error when installing, any help would be greatly appreaciated
  14. L

    WooshBuild zGemma H7S WB Infinity EPG ISSUES

    Hi all, Last week or so I added a secondary backup service to my H7S box running WB infinity. My EPG used to be fantastic and worked 100% however the last week I've had a strange issue I cannot resolve and now need help from someone who knows a lot more than me! Issue: EPG I have a mix of FTA...
  15. S

    Satellite H7s Hdd keeps running up

    Hi Had the H7s for just over a month and love it. Running whooshbuild infinity. And have a hdd installed internally. The hdd seems to run up every few minutes, even when just watching tv. I thought it could have been epg related but this only runs once in the morning and the issue happens when...
  16. F

    Vu+ Duo(not 2) lives again install guide, bootloop after skin update, can't install plugins ie e2iplayer, wooshbuild, openmultiboot, flashexpander.SSD

    Ok here goes.... So this box has given me a headache for a week and I have lost count of the amount of re-flashes. No sooner did I appear to achieve a goal then there would be another problem the box wouldn't install plugins, freeze up or bootloop. The most frustrating part was having...
  17. Cortina

    How to set up iptv on zgemma h2s

    Hi, would anyone have any advice on setting up iptv on a zgemma h2s so I can use any supplier of my choice, I lost all the Sat-sly channels some time back and was told I cant get them back on a H2s in Ireland via satilite , I then used the "AddIPTV plugin " for iptv, on the H2s with wooshbuild...
  18. X

    Satellite Zgemma Star S Stuck On Boot

    Is there any way to flash a box stuck on boot? I can get into putty and onto winscp etc when typing in the ip but when I try and flash with USB like you normally do it just keeps booting and going to 99 back to 50. No issues with power cords have tested using my other receiver which works...
  19. S

    Zgemma H2H & Wooshbuild infinity - no channels

    I have a zgemma h2h with grogbuild working fine and a friend bought a h2h and asked me to set it up for him. Grogbuild would not work for some reason so I put Wooshbuild infinity on. All really easy to set up and added a CWS line using mgcam which seemed to be fine. I was getting all channels...
  20. H


    HI There ive paid for XTREME EDITOR Modified my playlist inputed my EPG URL Aswell then linked it to my ZGEMMA BOX But no EPG Then i looked at EPG assignement it isnt reading anything off of my EPG URL Picture below . Any help would be appreciated .