wooshbuild infinity

  1. K

    WooshBuild Infinity keep restarting zgemma h9s se

    Hi I have problem with zgemma h9s se. After installing WooshBuild Infinity zgemma keep restarting after blue screen. I have tryed to flash to other versions bud doesn't help. - WooshBuild start loading and restarting zgemma again and again Current image Open atv 6.4. Someone had this...
  2. M

    WooshBuild zgemma h2h usb error

    Hi - followed all instuctions to install wooshbuild on my zgemma,, get to the part for usb and i get blue screen everytime, can anyone help please, im ready for launching it out the window
  3. tomlee80

    EASY VPN PLUGIN ON WOOSHBUILD. Still shows my actual IP within plugin?

    Hi, So it's almost a year down the line since I signed up to Digibit and ensured that my the Easy VPN plugin had the correct credentials and was active.. It's only today that I paid attention to the IP Address indicated in Easy VPN with the VPN switched on. It's MY ACTUAL IP. Also I have...
  4. L

    Satellite Missing Streams

    Hi guys, this might be an odd one but I'm confused and can't find anything online that'll answer my Q. I have a H7S running the latest OpenATV with Wooshbuild Infinity and am running IPTV via Xtream (which is also updated). Most of my IPTV runs well but oddly on the Zgemma all my BT Spts and...
  5. S

    Wooshbuild Infinity USB Cam Importer

    Hi All, DESPERATE need of help!!!! I've flashed my Zgemma H2s to openatv 6.3 and added he highly impressive Wooshbuild infinity, done through webif, I've installed all updates and I'm still with the same dilemma, initialising my hard drive crashes the box, that no big deal as it was...
  6. oodes087

    Flash OpenATV onto Dreambox 525 running OpenPLi

    Hello , I want to flash openatv to install wooshbuild on a DM525 , box is currently running openpli and I want to reflash with OpenATV. I have downloaded the latest 6.3 openatv build. Anyone know the command to install from the command prompt. Have ftp the tar.xz file across to the /tmp folder...
  7. G

    Wooshbuild Infinity On OpenVIX 5.3 (ZGEMMA H9 TWIN)

    Hello all I have been banging my head against the wall with this one and i've finally caved in! I have a new H9 Twin and I have successfully flashed OpenVIX 5.3 on the box. I retrieve the IP address and input that into PUTTY, paste the wooshbuild install code, hit enter.............. Then my TV...
  8. S


    Ive just configured a zgemma h5 (not my first) ive chosen to hide the non working channels, ABM had hidden the dead channel names but not the numbers? Anyone know how to get rid of it? Thanks in advance
  9. D

    WooshBuild Zgemma H7S Install Blue Screen Crash Loop

    Hey, Hope someone can help me out. Bought a Zgemma H7S. Put in 500GB Hard Drive. Loaded Wooshbuild Infinity through Terminal as recommended. Now it loads to 90 goes to easy setup screen. Crashes blue screen and repeats. Not sure what to do at this stage. Thanks.
  10. A

    Zgemma I55 plus - Live IPTV stream wont play

    Morning Looking for some help, been setting up boxes for a while but this one has me stumped. Running a zgemma i55 plus with openATV 6.3 and wooshbuild infinity. My provider gives me script to run which i have done and it imports all bouquets. Everything seems to be fine loaded up EPG...
  11. flyingscotsman19

    Timeshift not working

    Hi, timeshift isnt working on my box below are screenshots of the error and my settings any help would be greatly appreciated
  12. J

    WooshBuild Restart issues on wooshbuild infinity - Vu Solo2

    Hi guys, I've trawled through this thread for a solution but I can't find any: WooshBuild - Wooshbuild Infinity Support Thread I've got WB infinity installed and all set up - brilliant! However, when I restart my Vu Solo2 box (Menu > Standby/Restart > Restart or Deep Standby) my box does not...
  13. L

    WooshBuild Working fine then dead?

    Hey there I am totally new to everything. I have worked my own box through the forums for a few years but iv hit a snag today. I have a Zgemma H2S running Wooshbuild Infinity. It has been working fine for months and was doing so till early this afternoon where I came home turned on the TV and...
  14. F

    Backup Image File for Zgemma H5 (OpenATV 6.2.0 (27/01/2019)

    Backup Image File for Zgemma H5 with latest Skin & Softcam. System OE: OE-Alliance 4.2 Firmware version: OpenATV 6.2.0 (2019-01-27) Kernel / Drivers: 4.10.12 / 20180830
  15. F

    Images Backup Image File firmware for Zgemma H5 Only - OpenATV 6.2.0 (27-01-2019) 2019-06-15

    Backup firmware image file with Whooshbuild Infinity for Zgemma H5 Only This has already got Softcam for Ccam & NewCamd & Oscam. You will only to setup to your NetID & Softcam details to get this working System OE: OE-Alliance 4.2 Firmware version: OpenATV 6.2.0 (2019-01-27) Kernel /...
  16. W

    Images Zgemma H7C Backup_03Jun2019_Wooshbuild Infinity_VM2 HD Skin_Open ATV 6.2_Softcam Feed (Ccam, Mgcamd) 1.0

    I've received a fair amount of help, and I've really put other people's work together and made it work for myself Most of this work isn't my doing, however an "almost complete" backup image would probably help people. This is a backup image for a dual DVB-C tuner. If using only one, you may need...
  17. Blizzard17

    Wooshbuild Issues

    Afternoon/Evening I have just reinstalled/Flashed OpenATV (openatv-6.2-zgemmah2s-20190601_usb.zip), all installed correctly no issues (openATV Nightly Downloads) Installed Wooshbuild and followed instructions - WooshBuild Infinity - For ALL Enigma2 boxes Ran script for IPTV using ZOC...
  18. Andrew Highton

    WooshBuild WB pixellating issue

    I ran the update about a week ago, and since then, every channel seems to pixellate constantly. I’ve checked all cables, reflashed and changed splitters, still unwatchable. Second box on the same build without the update is fine. Any idea what could be causing this? It’s a zGemma h2h on Infinity...
  19. A

    WooshBuild On screen Keyboard Issue Trying to enter username and password in easy vpn adder

    Hi, I have reflashed a H2S with OpenATV 6.3 and wooshbuild infinity, have put back on all plugins needed, and everything seemed great - until I came to put my username and password in to easy vpn adder using the remote. As soon as the keyboard appears on screen all buttons on the remote result...
  20. D

    WooshBuild Wooshbuild Infinity epg series link issue

    Hello I'm using h2s box with infinity build. I'm unable to series link any programs and also only get one day of listings I. The epg. If I click +24 hours the epg is empty. Anyone had this issue or can help me. Thank