1. KGH0210

    h92s - looking to get back into sat

    Hi tekkers, seen alot recently on here about sat feed being useable again. i have a h92s box and the previous tenants has sky areial socks all over the houses with a dish. apologies for not being so update with it Sat but was wondering if it would be much use me looking for a line ? or...
  2. N

    Best replacement for zgemma h2h

    Hey all. Need some help movin with the times. I have 3 zgemma h2h. I run my satellite saorview and IPTV off it. Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement that will run satellite saorview and IPTV. What is new boxes is out there or maybe new version zgemma?? Tha
  3. N

    Please help me choose what is the best box / service for my needs

    Hi All I am wondering if you folks might be able to steer me in the right direction. Following the excellent advice of the people on this forum, several years back I got set up with a two-box set up as follows: - both boxes are Zgemma H2S's. One is used by a more technical person and one is...
  4. N

    Changing zgemma h2h up grade

    Hi i have a zgemma h2h and a fire stick. Im looking to upgrade the zgemma. To something newer. Been waiting for the new zgemma h10 combo. But has been put on hold for to long and looking to change now. I know there is the h92h se or h7s. What else is there in around the same price and speck or...
  5. Ferret.

    Cccam 2.3.9 arm & Mips Cccam 2.3.9 arm & Mips

    Cccam 2.3.9 arm & Mips Support of long ECM at any CS-server (Providers: TNT Sat, NTV Plus) Support of providers: SkyDE (caid 0x09c4), NC+ 4k (caid 0x1884) and Dorcel channels 19E Support of NC+ provider (caid 0x1813).
  6. N

    Cccam and oscam 11517 or 11518 on linux

    Hi looking for help set up oscam annd cccam on a ubuntu 18.04 LTS 64 bit headless Omnikey Pcsc. Help and fully working would be rewarded. Thanks.
  7. L

    It is posible change firmware on op3nbox v8s

    Hello lot of time ago I found on Chinese site about change original firmware to different one it is possible openbox v8s
  8. C

    Has Racing TV gone for good?

    Hi all I am trying to determine if Racing TV on Sat 28.2e has gone for a good or if it is a temporary issue? I am not using it as I have the cable setup and all is fine on that. A couple of mates don't have cable in their area and their satellite doesn't get Racing TV since Monday. All other...
  9. G


    Oright people av installed wooshbuild a really liked it etc bit then a installed atv 6.3 on its own installed a few plugin . then installed abm 3.1 from the plugin menu from system plugin but when you use the plugin it onlky gives you option to select region so ive set my regiong tae glesga bit...
  10. C

    WooshBuild Dual CAM issue

    Hi I have Wooshbuild running on a VU+ Duo2 with a CWS line for Vermin and a Cline for Sly (basically Racing TV only). I have setup two softcams. Cam 1 = mgcamd 1.38r1 for Vermin on a test line and Cam 2 = CCcam 2.32 for Sly. For some reason there appears to be an issue with both CAMS being...
  11. G

    Best Settings

    Hi there ive just got my new ZGEMMA H9S but i have a few questions question 1 - should i just install atv then slap a sky skin over it or install wooshbuild question 2 - im going to try IPTV And CCcam wich is better am i able to use both CCcam for sat channels andf IPTV For the rest. Ive had...
  12. B

    Openbox V8s

    Hi guys I'm pretty new to the openbox upgraded from the android box, I have a freesat dish installed and get all free to air channels I also have an iptv subscription bought off ebay which works a treat but on the box when installed it the channels are like 2000 and I'm just mindlessly flicking...
  13. O


    Hello, OpenATV 6.2 Latest Version comes with Softcam Panel built-in or I need to install it manual from plugins menu ? If there is any better alternative way please tell ! Thanks,
  14. H

    Cccam help/guide please

    Hi all New to this forum. I'm moving from v8s openbox to zgemma h9 2s. Looking for a guide on adding cccam to the box please. Preferable via the remote like the v8s. Thanks in advance
  15. O

    Necessary Plugins to be downloaded ?

    Hello guys, What are the most used plugins that should be downloaded and installed on Zgemma H9S image OpenATV 6.2 for picons, skins, epg.... Note: The box will mostly uses Youtube, CCCAM/OSCAM, and IPTV. Regards,
  16. W

    OB V8S

    Hi All So, I think I am in the right area. I have been reviewing as many threads as I can and hope I am posting in the right area. So I have a new OB V8S box. I am pointing at 19.2E for German channels. I am looking to encrypt the HD channels and get access to all Sky Germany. I understand I...
  17. H

    Looking for a line

    I've recently upgraded my Amiko Alien 2 to a Formuler F1. I want to get a card sharing subscription for BT Sports. I don't understand the diff between oscam, cccam, cline ...etc etc. But I can FTP them to the Formuler F1 if you can can create and send the files I need. ALso, let me know the...
  18. K

    Zgemma IPTV

    does anyone have a line for a zgemma h2s (must have sky channels) if so please email me to
  19. H

    Cccam activate

    On my Freesat V8 Golden is CCcam activated and a cline (free cline) is installed. The status tells : ECM ready but channels won't open. Anyone a suggestion wat to do to open the channel(s) ? Test of the cline showed a lot of installed cards so that seems oke ...
  20. X

    OSCAM issues on VU+ Uno 4K SE

    Hi All Im in need of some desperate help, I'm a newbie - have done a lot of reading to try and sort this on my own but have now admitted defeat and hit a brick wall. I have a N/CWS line for VM and have a VU+ Uno 4K SE box running the latest version of Vix. I have installed OSCAM and converted...