1. pabloescaban

    CCcam to oscam converter 1.2

    unzip the file, open the programme paste your line in, click convert to oscam, save as oscam.server ftp the server file to your device you can add as many lines as you like this is not my work, use it at your own risk!!
  2. T

    SKYBOX - CCcam going forward or Alternative

    Hi All, Was wondering if I could ask some guidance from the good people on here about what is possible going forward. I 'use' to have a CCcam line that worked on a skybox but is pretty much redundant now. Whats the alternative now? I've read about IPTV, cable boxes to use with V**gin, VPN on...
  3. sharky235786

    Zgemma h2h cccam

    Hi having problem installing a Cline to my zegmma using it on a virgin line.
  4. I

    enigma2 box IPTV player Bug

    Hello i am using iptv in my enigma2 box. i put my channels with normal satellite channels so i can have full epg. i am using OPENATV 6(wooshbuild v6) so when i watch IPTV the channel start with same like satellite channel and i am sure its using the AGENT (Enigma2 HbbTV/1.1.1) problem is if my...
  5. R

    CCcam on openbox v9s

    I have CCCam server in my openbox v9s,all channels are showing as scrambled. I contacted my provider he said server is online for me to check network connection to my box, the box is connected to my router but not working at all. Some people have said the reason my channels are not working is...
  6. K

    Cable Zgemma H2H With WooshBuild. Getting 'Bouquets Maker - Cannot Read Data' error.

    Hello. I was sent a test line. In the email there where two files. One is a CCcam.cfg and the other is a newcamd.list. The problem is I'm getting an error when scanning for channels. All the settings seem fine, I'm using Code: Belfast - 00012. I've tried both CCcam and newcamd but keep getting...
  7. the reaper

    Freesat GTT Android/Cable box

    Release of new box today. Post 209 Reaper.
  8. F

    Time to throw away that zgemma enigma 2 box

    Enigma2/Zgemma boxes were great for cccam but not so good at iptv do yourself a favour and buy yourself a cheap Mag box or an android tv box. Catch up tv full epg Vod....and this is just the start. Thats just my opinion.... Whats yours?