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Hi there ive just got my new ZGEMMA H9S but i have a few questions

question 1 - should i just install atv then slap a sky skin over it or install wooshbuild

question 2 - im going to try IPTV And CCcam wich is better
am i able to use both CCcam for sat channels andf IPTV For the rest.

Ive had a look at wooshbuild and it seems pretty straight forward ( i am somewhat tech savy although this is my first ZGEMMA)
But people say atv with a skin on it is "snappier" dont qoute me on this ive just got the box so just looking for opinions,


Ive also ventured a look in IPTV To be honest it seems pretty straight forward as my mate has got it its seems just as smooth as sky
Ive learned there are different ways to import IPTV Onto the Box , XTREAM EDITOR/JEDI/E2M3U/XCLITE Whats your opinions on this.

Also my mate kindly lent me 1 of his connections on his VPN But told me not to use it unless the Supplier says i can Whats this about if you dont mind me asking?


Thanks folk Hope i didnt bore you out your mind.



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You can just install Open Atv 6.2 and just add the plugins you need and any skins you want .Builds just come with everything added so if your not sure how to set everything up use a build. You can use satellite and IPTV together.You won't get as much on satellite but there are quite a few channels left or you have cable(if you have it) which still has most of the channels. I use Xtream Editor for IPTV which has 7 day catch up tv on most channels(not all suppliers offer this,but some do). You only need a vpn if your isp is blocking you but there are providers where you don't need a vpn. My current supplier only allows the use of a a vpn if you get blocked while the football is on so it all depends on supplier.