1. G

    CCTV Aspect - NVR-12MPOE-32-6000, HELP

    Hi all, I'm trying to setup a CCTV system (Aspect - NVR-12MPOE-32-6000). But having difficulty in doing so.... Apparently it's made by Videcon... And ideally I'm wanting to reflash the firmware back to factory state, but facing difficulties. Was brought 2nd hand so no log on details or way...
  2. thebulls

    CCTV dvr and ip camera

    Hi Guys i run a pub and have a qvis dvr which runs 16 channels and is connected to internet 24 -7 i can view this on my phone via an app or a web browser This dvr also take ip cameras so i hve one ip and 15 normal but sine the ip camera has been coonnected i can no longer view on the web browser...
  3. thebulls

    Problem with webview control for cctv

    Hi a coffee shop has brought a cheap Chinese nvr the issue I’ve got is i can connect to the sever from my own pc at home which already has Cctv by Avis etc on it and I’m trying to get it on a new pc but it won’t work I’ve done all active x and compatibility sites etc and the we view is...
  4. muckievillan

    Can't remote view CCTV

    Hi all, I've got a OYN-X cctv system, I no longer have a service contact. I've had a new router and lots all my settings I managed to get it working from home, using ip search on CMS. I’ve searched everywhere on how to configure the settings and I give in On pc were using CMS to view and...
  5. W

    Convert CCTV Camera from Battery to Mains using original Charger

    Evening, I have been installing cctv, namely Lorex brand. The cameras run of rechargeable 18650 batteries and i would like to know if i can with some help, convert to using the original charging plug to keep constant power to one of the cameras. Reason being, due to location of one...
  6. W

    Convert CCTV Camera from Battery to mains

    wrong area, please remove, have posted in correct section
  7. thebulls

    CCTV Software for windows

    Hi All can anyone advise on the best software for cctv for windows my dvr is connected to my iphone via Xmeye i have tired to log in from there website but it keeps asking me to install active X which i do but still wont work im using chrome have tired IE and opera and still the same, i would...