1. Blizzard17

    WooshBuild E-Channelizer - Wooshbuild

    Hello After rebooting/installing Whooshbuild from scratch today (all latest updates) Im in need of some help, when running the e-channelizer software and trying to connect/read to the ZgemmaH2S box, i get a message come up saying the follwoing (see image) I have not seen this before and have...
  2. StevoAmigo1

    Not all epg coming through for iptv with crossepg

    hi guys just after some help, i have a iptv m3u line which I’ve used in echannelizer, and i assigned all the epg data references to every channel via the astra 28.2 option, however not all the epg data is coming through for every channel afterwards once i use the crossepg plugin to download epg...
  3. Blizzard17

    Help with Whooshbuild Bouquet

    Hello Currently having issues with my Zgemma H2S box, i have formatted the box twice, installed latest software and run all checks to get IPTV running..All OK Tonight i switch the box on and all the bouquets have gone missing, this isn't the first time its happened...So i ran E-Channelizer to...
  4. D

    Can you copy echannelizer settings over to another Zgemma box

    I have just spent a very long time tieing up streams with epg information with E-Channeliser. Replacing all the channels that are not available via satellite with their IPTV versions and removing the channels that are now blank. Now that I have managed to do that I would really like to copy...
  5. M

    IPTV Channels blocked??

    Ok so I have a Zgemma H2S which I have an IPTV subscription with also. I had imported the channels into bouquets and then used echannelizer to assign the sky epg to the relevant IPTV channels. Everything was great!! All channels on and epg full. Went to bed, got up in the morning and the...
  6. D

    Echannelizer - move bouquets from one box to another? H2s

    So, I've ran a script file which gave me one giant iptv tab.. I used echannelizer to make bouquets and assign epg referennce data. I saved the settings file and after running the same script (different account) on another box i just wanted to load the settings file onto it to save having to do...
  7. Baldwin96

    Split IPTV channels into categories on Zgemma

    Hi, I'm still fairly new to the land of IPTV because I've always had my channels via satellite until they all went down recently. I've tried a couple of test lines for IPTV but neither of them have the channels split into categories (E.g. Entertainment, Movies, Music...). Both of the lines...
  8. J

    echannelizer problem

    i am trying to follow the echannelizer guide off youtube from 1 week ago to add my IPTV into my EPG on wooshbuild v6. when i get to the part of bouquets, import m3u, playlist, i get stuck because it doesnt tell you what you should be adding. any help is greatly appreciated fellas.