Split IPTV channels into categories on Zgemma



I'm still fairly new to the land of IPTV because I've always had my channels via satellite until they all went down recently.

I've tried a couple of test lines for IPTV but neither of them have the channels split into categories (E.g. Entertainment, Movies, Music...). Both of the lines have an EPG which is working fine but to make life easier when browsing the channels I want to be able to have them split into categories.

I understand there is free application called E-Channelizer to do it manually which is easy to use but after spending just 15 minutes on the program I know the task will take hours and will need to be repeated for each box.

Does anybody know how I can split the channels into the desired categories without doing it manually? I have seen a few IPTV providers which have the channels split into categories on pictures so surely there must be an easier way?

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The problem is everyone's list is different
And it can't be down automatically

But it's not hard to do with echannelizer or idreamx
Just takes time, but once it's done it's done


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IPTV providers that provide into categories have just done the hard work for you they still do similar then upload the .tv files to Dropbox and use a script to load them.

As above echannelizer xtream editor


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so if they have sent you it as xtream
you can edit how you like ?

i only got setup like this today so still new to this
my agent has sent them an email about missing epg channels


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No with Xtream editor you can use any m3u link it doesn't need to be setup by your provider. You just sign up about £15 for the pro subscription for a year then you can edit your m3u to bouquets and arrange tham how you want and also setup epg