enigma 2

  1. macmain

    any takes on this box

    hi people .. whats the verdict on the miracle box premium hd.. cable.. been looking at these.. seem to be a good solid box.. anyone had a hands on with them .. are they ok to setup etc.. cheers
  2. K

    Pause iptv on zgemma box

    Does anyone know how to get the pause function to work for iptv on a zgemma box? Can pause live tv ok. But pause button does not work on iptv section. Thanks
  3. anthony1763

    Trying to install epg import for iptv

    Hi im trying to figure out how to install epgimport to my box for iptv epg, the plugins dont work on my box, i know if i update the image i can download epgimport through plugins,i have figured out how to get the extra sources on epgimport for the iptv bouquets but im stuck on how to install it...
  4. C

    Create IPTV Bouquet

    Hi there I have a IPTV subscription (.m3u file) which works fine in TSMedia. I would like to be able to watch IPTV natively within the Enigma box with EPG. I have seen a few old threads that suggest options but they seem quite convoluted. I was hoping that as time has progressed a simple...
  5. S

    iptv bouquet dissapearing when abm runs

    hi, I have an iptv bouquet on my enigma 2 box running vix I upload via putty and it works great but when autobouquetsmaker runs to update the sly bouquets it is deleting the iptv bouquet... is there anything I can do to stop abm from deleting the iptv bouquet.
  6. 81goffy

    IPTV on a Zgemma, but..

    hi, I've managed to put my sub onto a H2.s and it works great. Unfortunately I'm struggling to get it to generate a epg. Is there a way to do this?
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  12. afterburn

    IPTV with sly broadband.

    A mate wants to get a mag box ,he has his broadband with sly. Is this a no no with the providers or does it matter?. I'm in Ireland.
  13. geoffsnook

    Tuner set up

    Hi could some one let me know what the correct setup for twin tuners i assume its simple tuner for both and what they should be for preferred tuners its an enigma2 venton unibox thanks
  14. S

    Audio - IPTV

    I am just getting my head around the IPTV settings with my H.2H and wondering if i can change the language to English on some of the IPTV channels? I recall, with my old Dreambox and a lot of the Euro movie channels or documentary channels with CS i could easily change from say Italian/German...
  15. technocat1974

    Annoyance enigma2

    H2s, set up a seperate bouquet for kodi, picking channels I really want to download guides for from the backend, pick to choose only 1 bouquet and name the one i've picked in the plugin, plugin error..... All i can do is go to channel manager and go through every single channel (hundreds) one...
  16. S

    IPTV newb

    I have installed IPTV player and TSmedia plugins on my Zgemma h.2h. Where do i ftp any .m3u file (sub) to with filezilla? I don't see any userm3u folder after reading a few tutorials. A simple step by step guide would be good :)
  17. mtpockets

    E-Channelizer 2017-03-05

    This windows tool allows you to: Manage / Edit Enigma2 bouquets Import IPTV streams Attach Picons, ID's for EPG etc And so much more! ;)