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  1. Ferret.

    AddKey Enigma 2 Biss Key Edditor Version 5.7

    AddKey Enigma 2 Biss Key Adder Biss key Editor Plugin How to Install: -download and extract zip file -send gz file to /tmp -Give this command in telnet Code: cd /tmp tar -xzf biscotto-2.0-r3-mod-RAED.tar.gz -C /
  2. S

    Am I getting the best resolution I can get?

    I find the Video settings very confusing in Openatv 7.3. I have a 4k, LG tv with HDMI 2.0a... and a 4k Octagon sf8008. When I watch some 4k IPTV sport or whatever, I see the video content coming in is 4k but output is "video mode 1080p". When I put on a 4k IPTV stream my tv will switch to HDR...
  3. J

    Vpn manager configs all being deleted

    Whenever i put all my configs into the enigma it deletes them off after a certain time doesnt matter where i place them, doesnt matter if its on the HDD or a folder on engima box memory anyone any ideas how to fix this, running willowbuild latest.
  4. S

    Satellite New flash, slow box

    Hi My H7s started crashing at weekend and became unusable. I struggles to get it to flash but eventually manages it via the blue button and online flash, and then set up using wooshbuild. Since then it feels slow to use, channel zap is slow and overall just seems sluggish. I've looked at...
  5. J

    WooshBuild Jedimakerxstream deleting my satellite bouquet

    Hi guys needing a little bit of help here, so I have my sat channels and so my iptv ones on octagon enigma woosh build When I run the jedi maker to make bouquet it deletes my satellite ones, is there a way to prevent this from happening as I would like to use the option for the iptv bouquets to...
  6. P

    Best Enigma 2 boxes?

    After trawling the net and uTube, I can't seem to find any "lists" of the most popular/best Engima2 boxes out there at the moment. I'm looking for some recommendations on the best Engima 2 boxes considering price and performance. I currently have a Zgemma H9 Twin. But I've never really looked...
  7. P

    Epg tabs not working on Chabs skyNEW skin after using correct file

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has had success with the EPG selection on Chabs' skyNEWHD skin? I have ftp to usr/lib/enigma2/python/screens renamed the Epgselection.pyo to "Epgselection-new.pyo" and then placed the Epgselection.py file from Chabs' thread in the same location. Restarted my box...
  8. B

    WooshBuild VPNSetup help (Surf Shark)

    Hi been trying to setup surf shark on openatv 6.3 but unable to see external IP restatred network and picked another one and it says at the top no ip details Used the generator script any ideas of what the issue is :/
  9. L

    It is posible change firmware on op3nbox v8s

    Hello lot of time ago I found on Chinese site about change original firmware to different one it is possible openbox v8s
  10. dsayers2014

    E2tools home of dsayers scripts V0.2 (beta)

    This will be similar to whats already in my H2H zeggy help scripts (without image down loader) but should be able to use on any image/build. The plugin will be called E2tools you will have options for E2Tools Scripts, Autobouquetsmaker, EPG Import and CrossEPG. E2tools Scripts has options for...
  11. D

    iStream (e2iplayer replacement) 2019.

    Uninstall e2iplayer and deps (if installed), restart device, install and restart again before opening for the first time. mostly english at the minute but more to come. This is a development by e2istream (@codermik) and tsiplayer (@rgysoft) more info on the istream fb page enjoy! Note: not...
  12. dsayers2014

    I had a tutorial plugin and doc 0.5

    Plugin and document for creating enigma2 plugins along with a pdf for learning about python
  13. I


    Hi there I've just got A ZGEMMA H9S But I've got a question. When I play channels through my sky box they seem smoother , STV On the Sky box is smooth But STV On the H9S Is 25FPS. Why is a sat channel locked to 25FPS ?
  14. A

    Help needed- EPG stopped loading

    EPG has suddenly stopped loading for some reason. Channels still available to view but I can’t see what’s on. Haven’t changed settings and the onLy change was not of broadband provider. Sub provider says all ok their side. Have tried updating XE plugin but no change. Anyone got any ideas??
  15. rpidemon

    Guide Enigma 2 IPTV Setup Guide

    INTRODUCTION A guide to help people setting up IPTV and movie viewing on new or none working Enigma 2 device. A lot of people seem to be having bother getting things running smoothly when it comes to IPTV weather it be on here or elsewhere there are plenty of complaints and unhappy users, people...
  16. S

    Suls Config File Generator

    I have a beta of a config generating bash file for SULS IPTV https://github.com/stingray82/e2m3u2bouquet-tools https://raw.githubusercontent.com/stingray82/e2m3u2bouquet-tools/master/e2m3u-Config-Setup.sh Details are below, comments and suggestions welcome e2m3u2bouquet config generator...
  17. Speedygonzal

    Common Cure Suggestion for Frozen Enigma2 User Interface

    Unfortunately, none of our E2 linux boxes are 100% stable all the time. For a variety of reasons, they can freeze - which means whichever and however many buttons on the remote you press nothing happens. As a last resort, I used to reach for the power switch/plug. Unfortunately, what I have...
  18. grog68

    GrogBuild Grogbuild FreeRange for all enigma2 boxes

    Update 03/03/19: Removed installation option 2 so only the one set of instructions from now on. Update 21/02/19 : installation Option 2 is likely to be removed in the next few days, please use Option 1 as this has had more tweaks in recent weeks and is the method I will be concentrating my...
  19. grog68

    Grogbuild FreeRange 2019-03-19

    Update 19/03/19 : Updated this post with the most up to date installation instructions. This is my latest version of Grogbuild which should work on any enigma2 box. If you have any issues please post a comment in the support thread at...
  20. grog68

    problems streaming from 1 box to another

    I have 2 enigma 2 boxes, box 1 in the living room has a 1tb hard drive where all recordings are stored, we only record on box 1, box 2 in the bedroom just has a usb stick for epg etc but also has a network mount pointing to the hdd on box 1 so we can go to bed and watch recordings made on box 1...